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Chick pea salad - cyndi - 10-25-2018

I don't know why I didn't think of these, myself.

I'm not vegan, or even vegetarian. But, I do love chick peas and beans. 

26 chick pea salad recipes.

RE: Chick pea salad - ThisDharmaBum - 10-25-2018

I love the versatility of the chick pea and use them as one of my main proteins (along with eggs and canned fish). These sandwich options are really expanding the mind, and my inner chef and stomach are happy. Thanks for sharing.

RE: Chick pea salad - Weight - 10-25-2018

Oh. I thought this was about Russia. I miss read salad.

RE: Chick pea salad - Dingfelder - 10-25-2018

I like them, but have to use in moderation or they give me a lot of gas.

I may like them best but at any rate find them most usable as hummus, which doesn't really make me gassy.

RE: Chick pea salad - highdesertranger - 10-25-2018

I love them. my family called them garbanzos. big ole pot of garbanzos and peperoni. yum. highdesertranger

Chick pea salad - Cammalu - 10-25-2018

Garbanzo bean soup is awesome

A few cans of garbanzos
A few potatoes cut up
A large smoked sausage cut into bites
Maybe a chicken bullion or two

Add water and cook

Yum yum