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Potential Tribe Member - rm.w/aview - 11-07-2018

This little old lady decides one day that she wants to join a biker club, so she goes down to the local club and knocks on the door. The door is opened by a huge biker that is covered in tattoos. "I'd like to join your club", says the little old lady. The biker is amused by this so he decides to play along, telling her, "OK, but you've got to meet the requirements first. Do you have a bike?" The little old lady points to a Harley and says, "Yeah, that's my bike there." The biker is surprised but says, "And do you smoke?" The little old lady says, "Yeah, I smoke 20 cigarettes a day, and when I'm shooting pool I'll smoke a few cigars too." The biker is impressed and says, "And have you ever been picked up by the Fuzz?" The little old lady says, "No, but I've been swung around by the nipples a few times."

RE: Potential Tribe Member - rm.w/aview - 12-13-2018

I have told the same story to different campers at different times Smile

RE: Potential Tribe Member - Dan 1 - 09-19-2019

Snicker, giggle, cackle, guffaw! Great joke, "rm.w/aview" is just a joke, isn't it?

Actually you have touched on an interesting topic that I am interested in. And that is the subject of "Bikers" as "Modern Nomads".

I see them as prime potential candidates for the Modern Nomadic Life. But the ones that are "organized" are a bit rough and have a rather "hard" moral code. Even the "Lone Wolfs" might see an advantage to form Tribe some day.

But, I can't help to wonder at the potentiality of at least one of these strong (but less mean) groups, suddenly seeing the benefits of and realizing Common Cause with, the "Four Tired Nomad Caravans". The "Two Wheelers" could help the "Four Wheelers" do Better in "The Rolling Life" and, Of course visa versa. Especially in the areas of scouting and self defense. I know...this is a stretch...but could happen under the right circumstances and for Good Reasons.

What I "see" could be quite musical upon the land. But that is another entry around here somewhere, maybe.

Thank you "rm.w/aview". For the morning "Snort". I can't wait to tell my "Little Idaho Potato" what you said. (She's snoozing right now)  In Friendship,  Dan 1

RE: Potential Tribe Member - Dan 1 - 09-19-2019 the sounds like you could use a can of "udder budder"