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OFFICIAL CaravanOne Info (no chatter) - cbgenrich - 11-12-2018

As _______________ (title pending) of CaravanOne, I'm starting this thread on behalf of the caravan.

This is the "no chatter" thread.
There will be another thread for chatter with the subject "OFFICIAL CaravanOne Chatter" - enjoy that as appropriate.


RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Info (no chatter) - cbgenrich - 11-12-2018

CaravanOne Schedule thru 2019 RTR

RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Info (no chatter) - cbgenrich - 11-12-2018

By way of introducing myself, I'm CB Genrich. I'm a long time friend of Randy Vining and he's asked me to work with him on the caravan. I'll be arriving there approximately Thanksgiving.

I'm really looking forward to arriving and being with the caravan. I'm particularly interested in getting some jam sessions going.

Randy and I have led three events at Slab City in the past. The Friends of Bob 2016 Slab City Encampment, the Friends of Bob 2017 Slab City Encampment, and the Friends of Bob 2018 Slab City Encampment. We know how to lead an event in Slab City and we know that good times will be had there. There is a focus there on informal performance music in particular at Slab City and if you or someone you know wants to play for a small audience - Slab City and the CaravanOne Slab City Encampment is the place to be.

If you're on CaravanOne now and you want to get to know me better before I get there, just ask Randy. Then tell me what he says so I can tell you what to believe.


RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Info (no chatter) - RickDav - 11-24-2018

Caravanone is traveling to the slabs on Wednesday,
Come join us !

RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Info (no chatter) - cbgenrich - 11-24-2018

Here’s an image from with the specific location.

I ask anyone who’s there with CaravanOne to be sure that Randy or I are aware of that. Unlike most of the boondocking we will be doing, in Slab City we will be near and possibly intermingled with people who are not with CaravanOne and we will want to know.

RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Info (no chatter) - cbgenrich - 11-27-2018

All, CaravanOne is moving to Slab City!

I’ve setup a Facebook Group for our use while we’re there. It’s much more flexible than this Forum and it’s where announcements and chatter can live together.

On Facebook, search for “Friends of Bob 2019 Slab City Encampment” and join the group.

To filter out inappropriate lurkers you must reply to the joining question about why you’re an appropriate member. It’s intentionally vague so as to not give hints to lurkers. Say what you need to to convince me, like you’ve been traveling with CaravanOne, something that happened in camp I’ll remember, that you’re on your way to join CaravanOne, etc. I think we can all agree that lurker free is the way to go!

RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Info (no chatter) - AnFear - 11-27-2018

How about Facebook free is the way to go?
Shocking no doubt but not everyone is on Facebook.

RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Info (no chatter) - Sikafishn - 11-28-2018

Tried the friends of Bob on FB...No luck...Thoughts?

RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Info (no chatter) - cyndi - 11-28-2018

RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Info (no chatter) - cbgenrich - 11-28-2018

(11-28-2018, 03:06 AM)cyndi Wrote:

That worked for me. We did discover yesterday that even if perfectly typed the search still didn’t find it. But the link should, thanks for posting it. And you can use Facebook without installing the app or having a smartphone, though you have to have an account. 

Re: not using Facebook - it’s not clear there’s any app everyone has except text messaging and maybe a web browser. Web browser is what we use to access this forum. 

The lurker problem is creepy and real, and this web site has no filtering in that regard. We did some research on closed group communication apps last January. It’s pretty clear some app would have to be downloaded and used by everyone. Which app is less clear. I’m not disrespecting anyone for not using Facebook.