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OFFICIAL CaravanOne Chatter - cbgenrich - 11-12-2018

This thread is here for the chatter about CaravanOne. Say what you will.


RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Chatter - kaBLOOnie Boonster - 11-13-2018

I wish you guys all the success in the world. If only there had been something like this caravan when I was a newbie. There is a chance you may come up with something that has some historical importance.

It may help to quote a conversation between my great uncle and grandfather, many years ago, when my grandfather was on a long, obsessive streak at trying to find the "right" church. He was telling the great uncle about his partial successes and frustrations in his project. After rolling his eyes for awhile, the great uncle finally said, "Harold, when you find the PERFECT church, don't join it!"

RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Chatter - Manyways2go - 11-14-2018

Enjoyed time with the Borrego Group was last there on Sunday (Not full time so far) Expect to return over coming days at  Yuma new location.
New friends, fun and quiet time , I feel better for it - how great is that! I learned what worked with my setup and what I would choose to change. Amazing trying to find lost items in a small place you had a few moments earlier.

RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Chatter - cbgenrich - 11-17-2018

I’m on my way to CaravanOne!!

RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Chatter - RickDav - 11-24-2018

All are welcome to come and join us.
Leaving Wednesday for the slabs

RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Chatter - cbgenrich - 11-24-2018

So are we going to something in Yuma Sunday?

[email protected] - cbgenrich - 11-25-2018

Windy out this morning.

I need someone to lend me 1000 watts AC for 5 minutes for my espresso machine. Anybody out there with a 1000 watt inverter or a generator to help a dude?

RE: [email protected] - Living Nomadic Dreams - 11-25-2018

I have a 2000 w generator you can use to make espresso. Heading up your way now.

RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Chatter - ckelly78z - 11-27-2018

I wish I could be part of one of the caravans....maybe in the future when I retire.

RE: OFFICIAL CaravanOne Chatter - cbgenrich - 11-27-2018

I’m packing and leaving for Slab City today. Numerous errands along the way, including visiting a dump station.

I noticed a (probably real and free) full dump station at the rest area southwest of El Centro, maybe 5 miles past the exit you would likely otherwise take, then you can come back easily. 10 miles instead of 10 dollars. I’m going to try it.