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No mo squitos - Beetle - 01-18-2019

Maybe.  I'm heading to the southeast for the rest of the winter. I LOVE the effectiveness of DEET products but want to try alternatives to chemicals.  

I bought the bug pants, jacket, and head gear by Coughlan's to test out. I always try to find American made products but these are made in China.

RE: No mo squitos - lenny flank - 01-18-2019

In Florida, the skeeter is our state bird. We grow 'em big down there. Wink

RE: No mo squitos - Beetle - 01-18-2019

Haha. Yes, I remember from college days in SC the noseeums and ticks are crazy out-of-control too.

No mo squitos - AMGS3 - 01-18-2019

Too funny Lenny, we have the same state bird here in Minnesota.

Beetle - I've been making my own bug spray for about the past 5 years. When I started making it I lived right on the edge of the Boundry Waters Canoe Area (aka swamp country). I got the recipe from this website. The authors do a good job of explaining the purpose of each ingredient and giving swaps that work in a similar way in case you'd need to substitute. I more or less follow their recipe. It works well, you do need to reapply it more often than DEET, but I think that it's worth it. It also works on noseeums and those little black flies that will take a chunk outta you if they even land for a millisecond. Ugh, bugs!

Hope that helps!


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RE: No mo squitos - ckelly78z - 01-18-2019

Some people like SKIN-SO-SOFT as a bug deterrant, I must have a toxic skin/blood combination because I am generally not bothered by most bugs.

RE: No mo squitos - Spaceman Spiff - 01-18-2019

I used to think that Northern Minnesota mosquitoes were bad until I spent a July in the Yukon.  Them buggers are big, mean, and travel in herds.  They hold you down while each in turn extracts blood.  Need a transfusion after  Tongue

I have heard that Skin-so-Soft mixed with alcohol works better than Off.  DEET works, but hate the smell and feel.  DEET does not work for ticks, another scourge of the North woods.

Lots of Vitamin E or lots of Garlic helps; of course lots of garlic keeps everything away, including vampires.

RE: No mo squitos - Beetle - 01-18-2019

SSS and the barrier clothing may work gr8. Thx!

RE: No mo squitos - ckelly78z - 01-18-2019

Lots of Vitamin E or lots of Garlic helps; of course lots of garlic keeps everything away, including vampires.

I love my garlic, and onions, and have some form of it several times a week. Maybe this is the reason bugs don't like me ?

RE: No mo squitos - maki2 - 01-18-2019

You could try infusing citronella essential oil into your shampoo, body wash, etc. They do make all natural pet shampoos that contains it. I like the smell of it for shampoo and body wash, it is very pleasant. It does repel insects other than mosquitos including fleas.

RE: No mo squitos - Dingfelder - 01-19-2019

Hmm ... I dunno about the garlic. Most of my life I have been a huge garlic eater, and mosquitoes still pick me out of a crowd preferentially, and in a big noticeable way.

Might just be that any anti-skeeter effect garlic has isn't enough to overcome my insect magnetism.