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RE: No mo squitos - lenny flank - 01-19-2019

Ever since my backpacking days, the skeeters have never seemed to like me and have gone for whoever I'm with instead. I guess I have bad-tasting blood or something.

So you don't want to sit at the campfire with me. Smile

RE: No mo squitos - Beetle - 01-19-2019


Spending lots of time on a barrier island and in the, crabbing, shrimping.  Netting + chems perfect together.  

Speaking of campfires, I have a firepit by Biolite. Low smoke output so I still need preventative gear.

RE: No mo squitos - Kaylee - 05-30-2019

Seasonal bump!
Lots of good info above - thanks folks! As always, AMGS3 you rock! Smile

Today, had my first mosquitoes in my van. Sad
My own dang fault - had the back window popped for air (peak inside temp was 92F), and forgot to shut it late pm.

So far, this is the first challenge that was lots easier in the car. Smile
Lots more places to hide in a van.
Killed the first two within half an hour. Penultimate took 3 hours and many fly-bys. Thought it was the last - nope, just killed one more.
In a car, would have got them all within a quarter hour.

Figure that might give you car folks a chuckle. Smile
I started my "proof of concept" experiments this time last year, in my car, in the same area, so it's a fair comparison.
Car dwellers are studs. Wink

RE: No mo squitos - Treknik - 05-30-2019

I’m a fan of Picaridin as it works well for me and doesn’t damage synthetic gear as DEET can. Sawyer makes several Picaridin products.

Permethrin is an insecticide that can kill mosquitoes that you apply to clothing, tents, etc. but not your skin. It is more effective against ticks and doesn’t really replace a skin bug repellent.

You can buy pretreated clothing containing Permethrin or treat our own clothing with a 0.5% Permethrin spray (again Sawyer has Permethrin products). It is much cheaper to mix your own.

Here’s a link to an article on mixing your own and applying to your clothing.

The summary is you buy 10% Permethrin concentrate and mix 1-part concentrate with 19-parts water. 
(see Martin’s Permethrin 10% on Amazon).

You can spray it on, or for better coverage (inside and out) put it in a bag and soak your clothing or other items.

Washing and sunlight breaks down Permethrin. The general guidelines are six washes or six weeks before reapplying.  

Favorite quote from a long thread on the dangers (or not) of bug repellent:
"I would apply Lava if i thought it would keep mosquitoes away."

RE: No mo squitos - Kaylee - 05-30-2019

(05-30-2019, 07:49 AM)Treknik Wrote:  Favorite quote from a long thread on the dangers (or not) of bug repellent:
"I would apply Lava if i thought it would keep mosquitoes away."

LOL!!! Perfect. Smile
To be honest, my Plan for mosquito season is to stay inside the van except for supply/etc runs, and henceforth close unscreened window(s) much earlier. Smile
I'm hoping the van is blackfly & tick proof, or at least highly resistant. Smile

As some of you may have wondered/speculated, about half an hour after my previous post, another mossie started buzzing. Sad
It was intermittent for another half an hour, but I couldn't find it - very frustrating!
It finally occurred to me to check the roof ventilation fan. Yup! Must have become trapped when I closed it for the night. Within a minute, it was gone.
That does prove that the fan's screen is mossie-proof. Smile

So, again, cars are easier to de-mosquito. Good luck to all of you! Smile

RE: No mo squitos - jeanmarie - 05-30-2019

DH has the perfect mosquito protection system. He just sits next to me. They fly right past him.

RE: No mo squitos - Dingfelder - 05-31-2019

(01-18-2019, 11:14 AM)ckelly78z Wrote:  Some people like SKIN-SO-SOFT as a bug deterrant, I must have a toxic skin/blood combination because I am generally not bothered by most bugs.

I think it's a high level of carbon dioxide expelled per breath.

RE: No mo squitos - maki2 - 05-31-2019

head gear bug netting...made in America. Great idea, I am making myself some slip over the doors no-see-ums slip on window screens in the near future. I might as well use the extra fabric to make a draw string face net to go over my sun/rain hat while I am busy sewing.

I have a lot of sewing of other window and sun roof screens to do this next month. But I can't buy what I need since they have never made that product or if they did it has been discontinued.

RE: No mo squitos - mert3957 - 06-09-2019

What do you do to protect a dog?

RE: No mo squitos - Dingfelder - 06-10-2019

They seem to be worst an hour or two before and after sunset. Keep them indoors during that period? This liminal time is when a lot of predators attack, so maybe that's a good impetus to keep your vulnerable pets safe during that time period.