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RE: No mo squitos - BinDerSmokDat - 06-12-2019

DEET, more DEET and Citronella candles for me.

I'm more afraid of what the mosquitoes might be carrying than what DEET might do to me.
Mosquitoes are vectors for bacterial, viral, protozoan and filarial diseases impacting not only humans but dogs and cats as well.

I will use 100% DEET on me and found applying a few drops to a dogs nylon collar or edge of their bedding/blanket works well in protecting them
Never spray or apply DEET products directly on dogs cats, it can make them very ill if they ingest it via licking.

I've tried permethrin. It seems to repel ticks and chiggers OK on clothing and pet bedding but mosquitoes don't seem very bothered by it.
Permethrin is suppose to kill mosquitoes that come in contact with it, but they don't die on immediate contact so you still get bit.
I've seen mosquitos bite through a shirt freshly treated with permethrin. I've never seen a mosquito get anywhere near products treated with DEET, which actually repels mosquitoes.

RE: No mo squitos - Weldman - 06-12-2019

You could always do this...

RE: No mo squitos - Kaylee - 06-13-2019

Weldman: how about a summary for those of us who don't have easy access to YT, or have limited data plans?

Back on topic:
Any tips on dealing with mosquitoes that get inside one's vehicle?

I've concluded they're mostly getting thru my side window screens, so I try to close those well before evening, but I sometimes forget if I'm "in The Zone".
The numbers are fairly low, but my coordination sucks & it's still irritating exterminating 'em (need a mini Dalek (...that's a science-fictional robot that kills stuff)).

Thanks to all who have contributed such useful info about outside mosquitoes!

RE: No mo squitos - B and C - 06-13-2019

I haven't had a problem with skeeters (finger crossed) inside our out. What I have had is little moths and gnats. What a PITA to get rid of/kill. I do carry a flyswatter and used it a lot on them. They seem to like the ceiling in my van. I haven't used it yet (haven't been out) but I got a portable bug zapper:
It recharges via USB. The big zapper at the house works well.

RE: No mo squitos - Kaylee - 06-13-2019

Thanks Brian! Smile
After you recommended that gadget (at another forum), I did add it to my Amazon cart and set up a CamelCamelCamel price watch.
Was sorely tempted to order it last week, when I finally broke down and ordered a couple of modest lights (don't really have a "proper" light in the van (mostly just flashlights)), but the reviews were too ambiguous (I do love the concept of a dual purpose gadget).

Perhaps you could "take one for the team", and test it in your Beast? Big Grin
Actually... since it's otherwise empty, that might be easy, and fun for you!
Just set up the device, then let in a few mossies at dusk, and do a body count early morning.
You're a born tinkerer, you know you want to do it. Big Grin

No pressure! Smile
Also, my sympathies on the gnats.
Have had one or two per day, plus an occasional small blackfly, but none as aggressive as the mossies.

RE: No mo squitos - B and C - 06-13-2019

Be careful with those black flies, they can take a chunk of meat when they bite.

To be honest, I haven't seen a skeeter around here for a few weeks. Maybe the big zapper got them all.

RE: No mo squitos - Spaceman Spiff - 06-14-2019

Thermacell works well indoors for me.
Citronella torches surrounding the area I am sitting works well outdoors.
In Minnesota! (land of 10 trillion mosquitoes).

RE: No mo squitos - highdesertranger - 06-14-2019

interesting I hope you do a follow up on the UV zapper.

I was told that the UV light zappers really don't work on skeeters that you might get some but they really aren't attracted to the UV. I heard that you need the CO2 generator zappers.


RE: No mo squitos - B and C - 06-14-2019

Any review will have to wait for them to show up again or for when I can finally get back on the road. I guess I could open the door all day and then turn it on one night to see what it catches.

RE: No mo squitos - Dingfelder - 06-15-2019

We've had different kinds of bug zappers. Helpful for a number of bugs but I have to agree that they didn't seem to get many skeeters. Still great for fruit flies and gnats and termites, which can rise up in an overwhelming storm if you even see them at all.