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RE: No mo squitos - B and C - 06-16-2019

Left the door open all day and then closed up after dark. No bugs in the zapper or any in the van. Too hot here I guess. The real test has to wait for me to get back out there.

RE: No mo squitos - Kaylee - 06-25-2019

Brian, thanks for your experiment! Smile

(06-14-2019, 07:32 AM)Spaceman Spiff Wrote:  Thermacell works well indoors for me.

Spiff, please tell me more. Smile

Yesterday, my slaying skillz suddenly improved immensely (weird!) after weeks of being pathetic, so I'm making some progress.

The noise is extremely annoying.
They're getting into my overhead fan, and I can't get them out (yes, I frequently reverse the fan for a while then quickly close it, which helps but about half are still there).
For a few hours every night, they buzz around, about a foot from my head, while I'm trying to work.
I'm using earplugs, but have Vulcan hearing, so the earplugs are of limited effectiveness.
It's not as bad once I go to bed, since my head is then farther from them.

Has anyone experienced and solved this issue?
I'm considering kludging together a noise reducing insert, which could also act as insulation in cooler weather.

No mo squitos - AMGS3 - 06-25-2019


Have you tried blowing some sort of forced air into the bottom of the fan while it is in exhaust mode, to really blow them outta there?

It might help to use an airpump of some kind. I'd imagine a can of that pressurized air for cleaning out electronics would maybe work too, but that'd get expensive after a while.


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RE: No mo squitos - B and C - 06-25-2019

I usually run my fan blowing out and have a window cracked near me for a breese. I haven't had many critters in there but I don't stay up late either. IDK if they are attracted to light or not but they seem to be.

RE: No mo squitos - Kaylee - 06-25-2019

Angie: Great idea - thanks!
I do tap against the wire screen, and that helps a bit (startles 'em to fly "up").
The core problem is the overhead fan dome is high & has side recesses where they can hide. It also seems like they can get into it, relatively easy (i.e. rain-proof but not air-tight, which makes sense to me).

Brian: Good point! I'll try closing my curtains as soon as I need light.

RE: No mo squitos - mert3957 - 06-25-2019

(01-18-2019, 07:34 AM)lenny¬†flank Wrote:  In Florida, the skeeter is our state bird. We grow 'em big down there. ¬†Wink

Not trying to one up you, Lenny, but where I grew up in Wisconsin the mosquitoes have landing lights!