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cheese, shelf stable (no fridge) - Kaylee - 02-17-2019

Here's some handy products that let you have cheese without refrigeration. Smile

Some off-the-shelf cheese will last many weeks to months without refrigeration. Several (parmesan, "hard" cheeses) have been discussed in other threads.

A simple other variety is Jack Link's meat & cheese stick combo packs.
A 1.2 ounce pack costs a dollar at DollarTree, and Walmart carries a 9-pack of slightly smaller packs for about six and a half dollars.
These are perfect for adding to eggs! Smile
I typically use one pack for two meals.
Shelf life is typically about six months.

Bega is a well respected brand of canned cheese from Australia:
[Image: cheese_bega_01.jpg]

nutrition & ingredients:
[Image: cheese_bega_02.jpg]
it was imported by a Wisconsin company, so it "must" be ok. Wink

[Image: cheese_bega_03.jpg]
(that's a military "P-51" mini folding can opener beside it)

spread on bread:
[Image: cheese_bega_04.jpg]

after pan frying:
[Image: cheese_bega_05.jpg]

It has an interesting flavor and texture. Kind of half way between processed and medium sharp cheddar.
Amazon has them for about $6 per can (too pricey for me). I bought this for about $4 each, 6 and a half years ago. It's widely available at prepper sites, and you might be able to find a deal on older stock.
That's what I used during the Polar Vortex, so it was a fun treat. Smile

Due to image count limitations, continued in next post...

RE: cheese, shelf stable (no fridge) - Kaylee - 02-17-2019

Freeze Dried Cheese:

Here's a #2 can of freeze dried shredded Cheddar Cheese made by "Provident Pantry":
[Image: cheese_cheddar_fd_01.jpg]
[Image: cheese_cheddar_fd_02.jpg]

on crackers (not rehydrated):
[Image: cheese_cheddar_fd_03.jpg]

in Quiche, before baking (beside regular shredded cheese):
[Image: cheese_cheddar_fd_04.jpg]
in Quiche, after baking:
[Image: cheese_cheddar_fd_05.jpg]

Tasted pretty good! Smile
Bought it in the same batch as the Bega, and it was $12.95 for 10 ounces.

Continued in next post...

RE: cheese, shelf stable (no fridge) - Kaylee - 02-17-2019

Here's the contents of a #10 can of freeze dried shredded Mozzarella Cheese made by "Augason Farms":
[Image: cheese_mozzarella_fd_01.jpg]

being rehydrated (together with some Augason Farms onions):
[Image: cheese_mozzarella_fd_02.jpg]

on a pulled pork pizza, before baking:
[Image: cheese_mozzarella_fd_03.jpg]
on a pulled pork pizza, after baking:
[Image: cheese_mozzarella_fd_04.jpg]
close up of pulled pork pizza:
[Image: cheese_mozzarella_fd_05.jpg]

There's more pics in the Grilled Cheese thread:

Tasted somewhat bland on its own, but was pretty good when part of something else! Smile
Bought it last summer, and it was $34.47 for 30 ounces (available widely online, usually cheapest at Walmart and Amazon).

Opened, both are supposed to be good for around a year with no refrigeration required. The Cheddar has lasted much longer (I've been stress testing it). I have not yet finished either, but I'll be winding up a bunch of food life experiments, and will update accordingly, if possible.

With both of these products, I have not yet weighed any pre and post hydration, so I don't know what the final mass/weight works out to.
Research online shows claims of 4:1 so the above prices are inline with non-sale grocery prices.

Once I'm back in my van and/or reunited with my scale, I'll do some weighing. Smile

RE: cheese, shelf stable (no fridge) - highdesertranger - 02-17-2019

thanks for the reviews. really helpful information. highdesertranger

RE: cheese, shelf stable (no fridge) - Rainier70 - 02-19-2019

Great reviews. Thanks!

Another shelf stable type of cheese is the waxed mini-bell cheeses. They come in a variety of flavors.

You can also wax your own blocks of cheese with special cheese wax, and they will last quite awhile. Although they continue to age inside the wax. If I start with a mild cheddar it gets to sharp or medium sharp in about 6 months with no refrigeration. I wax small single serving cubes so that I don't have much leftovers. Unwaxed or opened cheddar is good for a couple of days or more depending on temp and humidity, also cleanliness.

RE: cheese, shelf stable (no fridge) - Gr8ful - 02-19-2019

Believe it or not a this very moment I have a sealed 8oz block of extra sharp chedder in my shirt pocket as I love cheese but detest cold cheese I want warm oily flexable cheese. I sleep in a recliner so it will be perfect for lunch tomorrow. When we were married I was so poor we lived on boxes of mac & powdered cheese 7 for $1 & braunsquiger(sp?) aka liver sausage in 3' chubs for 39 cents per pound.

RE: cheese, shelf stable (no fridge) - Kaylee - 02-19-2019

Rainier70: Fascinating! Do you have any pictures of your homebrew waxing stuff? More info, please. Smile

Gr8ful: LOL! Now that's committed... and a big pocket! Smile

HDR: Glad it was helpful! I gather you go Out further & longer than most. When I finally get Out There, I'll be 100% boondocking, so I did a lot of experimentation last year. I still have to post my canned B&M Bread review.

I should have mentioned that it takes about 15-20 minutes to rehydrate the FD cheese, and it typically has some excess water that should be drained/squeezed away.
My first FD-mozzarella & bacon grilled cheese sandwich was somewhat too wet. Not catastrophic, but if you look carefully at that pic, you can tell. Smile
Some excess water isn't an issue when baked.
Both the Quiche and Pizza worked out really well. The cheese was suitably gooey. Smile

The Augason Farms onions were somewhat disappointing, mainly in pizza. They were "ok" but not great in scrambled eggs.
Fortunately, real onions are widely available, inexpensive, and long lasting.

RE: cheese, shelf stable (no fridge) - Gr8ful - 02-20-2019

Just enjoyed my warm soft cheese & it was so good. Cold cheese is a sin or should be.

RE: cheese, shelf stable (no fridge) - Kaylee - 02-20-2019

I'd never really thought about room-temp vs chilled cheese. Definitely more Van Dweller friendly!
As you can see, I'm particularly partial to melted gooey cheese.
I trust that meets your preferences? Smile

RE: cheese, shelf stable (no fridge) - Kaylee - 02-20-2019

Today, I made pasta with Treet canned meat, diced tomatoes (canned), and Parmesan cheese. It was good, but wasn't "quite" there.
Had enough from lunch for dinner, so rehydrated some mozzarella, added it, then nuked. Figured I wouldn't need to futz with squeezing out the excess liquid.
Wow, definitely pumped it up very well! Smile