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RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - flying kurbmaster - 02-28-2019

It is not any different then any other forum or life in general, you post something or say something, why would you not expect all kinds of ideas or thoughts on the topic. A thread is just a conversation, that is how it stays alive otherwise it would just die a lonesome death very soon.  Some people thanked him, some thought it was wasteful, some people offered other similar products that are available, some wanted to know more details, I don’t think there is anything strange or out of the ordinary about any of the posts.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - RVTravel - 02-28-2019

Sharing is how we learn

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - Gr8ful - 02-28-2019

I've been on many forums to learn what others know & share what I know about many subjects & always participiated but I must say I've never been on a forum like this where most new things I've posted are met with arguements, rudeness from just plain mean or unhappy people even the mods. One didn't believe me about diels heater, one forum asked what we'd defend ourselves with & many of us said & those were deleted & we were warned twice. I always do my research before I post but look at my posts on sale on Excide batteries, diesel heaters, Soap Clothes, etc. I dont want a constant fight so I'll keep my finds, ideas I know about things to myself or go to nicer forum. I thought the Free RV life made people happy, guess not or not these unhappy folks. I was warned this was not a positive forum & ran heavy handed but I enjoyed Bobs videos so much I didn't believe it. Can I please change my member name to MeNoSpeak many on here & I would be much more happy that way.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - maki2 - 03-01-2019

(02-28-2019, 11:50 PM)Gr8ful Wrote:  ...... One didn't believe me about diels heater,.....
I have not seen that posting but it certainly set off enough of a chemical reaction in my brain to generate curiosity to look at some articles to see what it was all about. I will look and see if I can find where you posted it. 
When people post about new products it is not unusual for me to take a look see to learn more about it. I like learning new stuff! It does not mean I am going to buy it or ever have a need for it but someday it might be exactly what I need for a task. Or it might inspire me with solutions for what I want to achieve.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - Wabbit - 03-01-2019

Gr8ful, I'm pretty sure if you contact a Mod they will probably accommodate you. I like your username now though, being reminded(for me) to be Gr8ful is a positive message. 8-)

I try to stay as positive as I can with people. I'm not always successful and I fail almost everyday. Sometimes in little things, other times it not so little things. Cut others some slack or if that's not possible, just ignore them(there is a block feature). Lots of good, decent people here. There's two kinds of roads in this world, the high one and the low one.

Best of luck with everything, and I'm glad you posted this. I didn't even know there were products out there like this. So, thanks for posting about it!

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - Gr8ful - 03-01-2019

The mod was again't the diesel heater also. Look up the Exide golf cart battery thread, went on for pages with armchair experts until I had to call Exide to ask why their gold cart 5v battery didn't have a sticker saying Deep Cycle. She basiclly told me any dummy sould know that golf cart batteries are deep cycle so I published the phone # & e-mail so they could ask & that ended it. Maybe cabin fever but seem like more trolls here the any forum I've been on & the mods let them have free rein. Its no big deal there are lots of forums, some way the opposite. I'll be just fine & quiet. Thanks!

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - RoamerRV428 - 03-01-2019

If this forum is just so darn horrible and all the insults you have said about it and posters, well.....
Fine and quiet works well for me at this point for you.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - highdesertranger - 03-01-2019

first off when someone posts a product others are free to give their opinion on that product just as long as they don't do personal attacks.

what works for one person might not work for someone else.

just because someone doesn't like your product doesn't mean they are out to get you or think you are an idiot.

this is an open forum with many different people with different backgrounds, you are going to get different opinions for different products. this is normal when you have free exchange of ideas. everyone is not going to agree with you, and frankly I don't want to be a part of a forum of sheep.

so on these other forums when you bring up a new product everyone just says how great that new product is? no one questions said product? that doesn't sound like an exchange of ideas it sounds like a cult.


RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - lenny flank - 03-01-2019

(02-28-2019, 08:05 PM)maki2 Wrote:   It seems that all responses immediately turn to what that responder does and how they do it and why it is better. 
Vandwellers and RVers in general are a fiercely individualistic and independent breed of people. 
We'd all get along lots better if we just recognized the simple inescapable truth that I am always right, about everything. I *thought* I was wrong once, but I was mistaken about that.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - Treknik - 03-01-2019

Also available on Amazon with free shipping. I ordered a 10 pack to try out. Thanks.