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Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - Cammalu - 03-01-2019

Thank button to Lenny

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - Gr8ful - 03-01-2019

(03-01-2019, 10:21 AM)Treknik Wrote:  Also available on Amazon with free shipping. I ordered a 10 pack to try out. Thanks.
That's good to know Thanks! Please post if you like them, I did but maybe I had real brain freeze  Big Grin

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - maki2 - 03-01-2019

(03-01-2019, 09:11 AM)lenny flank Wrote:  Vandwellers and RVers in general are a fiercely individualistic and independent breed of people. 
We'd all get along lots better if we just recognized the simple inescapable truth that I am always right, about everything. I *thought* I was wrong once, but I was mistaken about that.

Van dwellers and RVers in general come directly from the big gene pool of the general populations. It is very typical that most people consider themselves to be fiercely individualistic and independent. People in general don't like to feel boxed in, constricted and controlled. A lot of business leaders living in custom houses fit the profile of being fiercely individualistic and independent. So do many politicians, crusaders for the environment, advocates for better housing for the homeless, advocates for save the whales, advocates for public transportation, etc.  It is of course an inescapable truth that I am right about that aspect of human nature. But of course what is going on here is trying to identify yourself not as being fiercly independent but instead identifying yourself as belonging to a like minded community who want to believe they are fiercly independent types. Of course you can't be both of those things at the same time Smile By the description of the personality type a fiercely individualistic and independent person is not going to be trolling around in this forum or asking for help. In putting labels onto ourselves we attempt to ourselves we attempt to define who we want to be. Most of the times those labels are a poor fit at the time and doing so is an indication of the kind of person we admire and hope to become. Remember just because we like to identify with a type does not make us one of that type. If you are here asking for help you have not achieved independence. If you are here to tell people what to do you have are looking for feedback from others which is also not independent. If you are looking for community you are not independent. But there is nothing wrong with wanting to be dependent on the help, support and also having the personal satisfaction of being of use to others in a community.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - RoamerRV428 - 03-02-2019

hmmm, very independent people don't know it all ever so an very independent person would depend on seeking knowledge to become more independent about how they want to live.
Once learned about certain aspects of what they need to know they are done and ready to launch.

I mean if NO ONE who was independent ever seeked extra knowledge about a new venture or whatever, heck they would a god I would think Smile Anyone here a god of some sort or ever has been?

Extreme independent people still seek knowledge when they know they need/want it.

Independent people are after all human and don't know it all at every turn and learning what you need is key to being every more independent.

there are varying degrees of being independent, no one has to point out the limits of what it means to be very independent I would think. I mean life is not black and white, it is shades of gray at all times.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - Firebuild - 03-02-2019

I think a waterless option that comes with its own soap is pretty interesting, and pretty different than the other items people responded with. I bookmarked it to be looked into later. Thanks for posting.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - Gr8ful - 03-02-2019

Only cost $5 to try.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - WanderingRose - 03-02-2019

Personally, I like being able to wash with suds, and then rinse with water at least every few days.  

I squirt a dab of something that smells pretty on the disposable washcloth, have a scrub, then rinse and throw the cloth away. 

Maybe it’s a girl thing, but I just feel more clean.  Confused

Lots of folks here have rigged up shower systems that use very little water.  I have a 2 1/2 gallon solar shower that gets comfortably warm in full sun and works very well. 

I can easily get a couple of body rinses out of that, or one good head wash.

Some strip nekkid outside to shower, me not so much  Confused, but I can stand in a collapsible basin inside and then dump that outside.

Keeping water consumption down, and slowing the filling of grey tanks is my goal, while still smelling fit to be around.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - Gr8ful - 03-02-2019

I'm always learning. I don't care for TV, not on social media, but always on the lookout for beter products & better ways to do thing. I also look to the old ways when I have a problem to solve, how they did it 100 years ago as they got a lot done without the machinery we have today. A friend had a fairly small stump about a foot across he wanted gone. He has a 25 hp tractor that wouldn't pull it out but after telling him they did it with a mule or horse & how it came right out. We used about 12' of the tree he had cut, chained 1 end to the stump where the chains got tighter with more pressure was applied chained the other end to the tractor & it twisted it right out. Common sense wins again & saved his a several $$$ from hiring a dozer.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - cyndi - 03-02-2019

We're getting off topic, here. Start another thread about independence, elsewhere.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - wagoneer - 03-02-2019

I am going to give them a try.