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RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - GypsyJan - 03-02-2019

Thanks, Gr8ful,

I will add the link to my dream list. It is helpful to be able to test new products before I retire and snowbird full time.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - Gr8ful - 03-02-2019


RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - lenny flank - 03-04-2019

(03-01-2019, 10:27 AM)Cammalu Wrote:  Thank button to Lenny


RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - Gr8ful - 03-06-2019

I don't think the other link went into this much detail.

SoapCloth Dry Hygienic Wash Cloth
SALE: $5
List Price: $9.95
SoapCloth Dry Hygienic Wash Cloth
SALE: $35
List Price: $79.95

SoapCloth is an eco-friendly hygienic wash cloth, with a 10-year guaranteed shelf life; they can't dry up like traditional wet wipes. Each sheet made of recycled material, contains a tremendous amount of compressed soap particles that are dried in a unique process, there is nothing else like it. The SoapCloth has a soft refreshing touch but is capable of removing the toughest grease with ease and without the use of harsh chemicals. Just add minimal water, 20ml/4tsp or the equivalent of four bottle caps, and it is capable of washing a full size person's entire body without the need to rinse, wipe, or dry the body.
SoapCloth is intended for self hygienic washing of a full size person's entire body under field conditions while using minimal amounts of water and utilizing a unique soap formula that evaporates by itself, eliminating the need for wiping or drying. After 1-2 minutes of natural evaporation there are no traces whatsoever of soap, water, oiliness, odor, stickiness, etc. It simply leaves nothing but a clean and refreshed feeling. Removes remains of acrylic paint, ink marks, mud, soot, oiliness, grease, etc.
Just a minimum 20ml/4tsp of water activates the soap concentration formula, and creates a deep thorough and refreshing quality cleaning, combined with massive foaming that is sufficient for a full body wash.
Single cloth for an entire thorough body wash
No need for running water, only 20ml/4tsp required
No need for drying/wiping, soap evaporates by itself
Odorless and doesn't leave traces of water, soap, stickiness, oiliness, etc
Chamomile Enriched
Hypoallergenic, Alcohol & Latex-Free
Removes acrylic paint, blood, ink marks, mud, soot, oiliness, grease, etc
Reduces effects of abrasions, irritated skin, fungi, and eczema
Burns naturally when dry for use as fire starter (before or after use)
Lightweight, stored easily, doesn't dry up
10+ year storage life in dry conditions
Backpackers, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, fishermen, soldiers, construction workers, mechanics, farmers, and all places in which there are difficult environmental conditions. In environments where there is a lack of water In environments where there are not good sanitary conditions
Add a minimum of 20 ml/4 teaspoons of water to the cloth
Massage the cloth between your hands until the soap starts foaming
Wash body as desired
Wait for 1-2 minutes for perfect evaporation

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - Treknik - 03-08-2019

(03-01-2019, 01:15 PM)Gr8ful Wrote:  That's good to know Thanks! Please post if you like them, I did but maybe I had real brain freeze  Big Grin

So, my 10 pack showed up (5$ amazon, free shipping) and I gave it a try:

The whole pack weighed 1.6 oz w/ a single square weighing .1 oz.
The package says odorless but I think I sense a slight fragrance.

I did the whole body wash thing. This little square packs a ton of soap! Similar to if you turned off the shower and spent several minutes work with a bar of Ivory soap before rinsing off. Rinsed it a bit a couple times to get it wetter while using and it still pumped out soap.

Now I'm standing there covered in soap thinking crap I have to go shower off now (Chamomile?). No, waited a couple of minutes and was completely dry with no soapy feeling. Like I just took a thorough 5 minute shower. I tried it on my hair and the results were sort of dry and stiff.

After the cloth (not paper) dried it looked like a frayed piece of flannel. You could use it again to wash with if you added a bit of your regular soap or didn't rinse it like I did. You could also scrub dishes or something with it.

I'm definitely going to bring a few of these along for multi-day backpacking trips as they are light and reusable/multipurpose. However, I would be a bit concerned about the fragrance while tenting in bear country.

Bottom line I think they are a winner. They could replace your regular routine but probably only if weight or convenience is a concern.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - WanderingRose - 03-08-2019

Thanks for the review, they sound worth a try.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - Gr8ful - 03-08-2019

I Have to feel clean & 35 cents & my privacy is worth it & 4 capfuls Not cupfuls of water is good also. Thanks for trusting me enought to try them!

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - bigskybob - 03-08-2019

I'm with Wabbit.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - MrNoodly - 03-08-2019

(02-28-2019, 08:05 PM)maki2 Wrote:  This is a very difficult forum in which to try to talk about things you have found that work for you. It seems that all responses immediately turn to what that responder does and how they do it and why it is better. 

It might be a cultural differences. The way I see it (and the way I intended my initial response) is that this is like show and tell, not confrontation time, not fishing for validation time. 

Person 1: Here's what I do and why I do it.

Person 2: And here's what I do and why I do it.

Person 3: Interesting. Here's what I do and why I do it.

Person 2: Cool, I hadn't heard of that.

And so on. It's a conversation, it's sharing, it's expanding the pool of knowledge.

RE: Best bath proodect you'll ever have! - Gr8ful - 03-08-2019

That's what it's all about. I got my air conditioner in today based on another members comments & the research I did & of course got a good deal or I don't buy. My A/C was $189. The SoapCloths were $5 but still alot of pushback to try something new. People are funny. Now that Treknik tried them maybe others will also.