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WOMEN ONLY!!! Any women who have been a camp host? - Rachel - 02-28-2019


I am still in my research phase but wanted to know: Have you been able to get a camp hosting job?

If so, did you have a problem being a senior, getting the job?
How did you like the work?
Did you feel safe?
What kind of vehicle do you have, to get around in a forest etc.

I haven't hit the road yet and don't haveĀ a vehicle but just wondering, would I be able to get a camp hosting job?

Thank you,


PS I check my emails about 2 times a week: Tuesday and Thursday (weather permitting).

RE: Any women who have been a camp host? - PODebbie - 03-01-2019

I have not been a campground host but I stayed at a campground that had a woman host. It was in a National Forest in Michigan. The campground was very close to town. I spoke with the woman last summer. She said she did not have any problems with security or violence. It was probably a 100 site area. She lived in a small trailer. She was an active senior.

I've talked with several other hosts in different campgrounds. As a general rule, people who need credit cards to make reservations are good campers. The problem people are those that use the couple of non-reservable sites. They drink, are loud, cause damage to the park, etc. It is sad because I am the type to not make reservations so there are fewer and fewer campgrounds that allow walk-ins.

RE: Any women who have been a camp host? - Rachel - 03-01-2019

Thank you sharing. I really appreciate it.


RE: WOMEN ONLY!!! Any women who have been a camp host? - cyndi - 03-01-2019

I haven't myself, But, I do know of other woman who have. Are you on facebook? There are fb groups of women, both solo and with partners, where you might find more 1st hand knowledge.

RE: WOMEN ONLY!!! Any women who have been a camp host? - maki2 - 03-01-2019

What aspect of being a woman campground host has you most concerned? I suspect it is not the whole list of chores that need doing but instead just a few specific things that have you concerned about applying for the job.

If you can handle the physical work that leaves the concerns of the "people skills". The most worrisome of those is dealing with conflict. But remember that is a skill that can be improved upon by watching training videos and also by doing some play acting sessions with other people. All kinds of professionals have to gain those face to face potential for conflict skills, people who are on telephone complaint lines, police officers, social workers, security guards, nurses, receptionist, meter maids, grocery clerks, teachers, school principals and more. Which means you have lots of resources to help you get good at it. You can put yourself in the mindset of an actor playing a role and be that person who uses a set of basic lessons and rules proven to help reduce conflict. Then before long you are that person and you are not acting out the role.

If you want to be a great woman campground host you can become exactly that. Perhaps the place to begin that journey is online by enrolling in an online course for conflict resolution management and getting a certificate or two in it. Having that in your resume will put you head and shoulders above the average applicant for the job be it a man or a couple. Management knows clean bathrooms make people happy and so does a quiet and peaceful campground. The harder of the two task is peacefully herding the "cats" without them realizing they are being herded.