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Refrigerate after Opening... Lies? - Redbearded - 03-03-2019

I've found that for many products there is a requirement for refrigeration after opening, and a lot of them are just trying to cover the manufacturers legally. Which ones have you found that fall into that category?

I've seen that most high acid foods/sauces generally will be fine, though you will not get as good of a shelf life once opened (i.e. don't open something and let it sit for a few years or so and expect it to be as good as if you had refrigerated it...) This is all about managing risks as at some level and with inappropriate care can be dangerous. Though with all the food recalls these days that may not really be an issue, lol.

*disclaimer: I'm not a food scientist, all advice is used at your own risk!

RE: Refrigerate after Opening... Lies? - maki2 - 03-03-2019

Much depends on the ambient temperature of the space. Some things are OK if it is cool but will not Ok during warm weather.

RE: Refrigerate after Opening... Lies? - RoamerRV428 - 03-04-2019

yea it is more when opened they are subject to 'things that grow' and cold temps stop some growth so......whatever floats your boat. I keep things cold cause that is me Smile for most products that 'seem to need it' but everyone do what works for ya'll

RE: Refrigerate after Opening... Lies? - Matlock - 03-04-2019

^ Yes, product temperature for sure.
Seems like any cantainerd item that is not consumed completely begins to grow a wonderful chemical cocktail of mold if I dare recap and attempt to put it back on the shelf for later use.
The next thing is cross contamination. Using the same knife for mayo after cutting anything contaminates what's in the jar. And that includes that time honored practice of licking the blade. Smile

RE: Refrigerate after Opening... Lies? - RoamerRV428 - 03-04-2019

yea licking and re-using.....we humans are worse then animal's mouth they say Smile

RE: Refrigerate after Opening... Lies? - highdesertranger - 03-04-2019

this time of year(winter) I leave stuff out overnight all the time. but I don't leave it out all the time(year around). mustard, ketchup, salsa, eggs, and pickled stuff I don't refrigerate. now if I am in bear country I don't leave anything out.

when I say out, I mean outside of your vehicle and outside of a refrigerator or cooler.


RE: Refrigerate after Opening... Lies? - RoamerRV428 - 03-04-2019

beer in a cold creek comes to mind as a safe bet outside sometimes

RE: Refrigerate after Opening... Lies? - B and C - 03-04-2019

Mustard didn't use to say refrigerate after opening. I don't think they changed the formula. I only keep it in the fridge as it is the handiest place to store it.

RE: Refrigerate after Opening... Lies? - Wabbit - 03-04-2019

For Mayo I use the squeeze bottles to avoid contamination from "double dipping". Then make sure to keep the squeeze top wiped off and clean.

RE: Refrigerate after Opening... Lies? - Dingfelder - 03-04-2019

Cold temps definitely make all the difference with things like onions and potatoes and citrus fruits, all of which can last anywhere from a week to a month or more when it's cold, but go bad within days when it's hot.

With pickles, if I leave them out, they can stay safe but lose their crispness. That may or may not matter to you, but to me it's a big deal. Plus many are simply more fun to eat when at least cool if not cold.

Also, yep on the contamination thing. I find that even pickles, despite all their salt and vinegar, can get mold or other kinds of growths in the jar if I use my fingers rather than a fork or tongs etc. to pick them out. As living beings, we always have living beings living on us, and into the jar they go. Same with drinking directly out of containers of milk or juice, or, say, eating cottage cheese with a spoon directly out of its plastic container and then putting it back in the fridge. Anything live we bring into a food will start to affect it.

The other things I leave out are standard on the table at restaurants: ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, hot sauces, vinegar, and some but not all oils. Some go rancid quicker than others, like sesame, which I fridge, versus the usual cooking oils, which I don't.

And I leave leftover coffee out overnight all the time. Seems fine to me. Also small children and the elderly. Hey, I need my quiet.