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ATT Unlimited Phone - Firtree - 03-08-2019

Because of discussions here for fun have been researching a few phone Unlimited plans. What caught my eye were two PostPaid ATT unlimited plans

-I have no connection to ATT, have a phone on RedPocket using ATT towers.-

The plans are $70 and 80 before all the huge taxes and fees. Typical possible slowdown after 22GB, etc. What both plans offer is 35 TV channels. CNN for news, no sports and no regular channels like ABC, NBC but bunch of cable like channels. A bunch of free movies. 
The more expensive gives a phone hotspot to 15GB, higher definition TV and choice of (1) thing like HBO

The 2 Unlimited plans offer 25% discount for vets. 
I stopped by the ATT store today to try for more info. The online link had as much as they knew in store. Had them run some pretend numbers including vet discount since some in forum might be. Turned out on the $70 line with vet discount and before the taxes etc, the cost was $2.50 more than the 3GB data plan with no TV, no movies but with vet discount. After I said Hun? Turns out the discount on the other plans is much less than the 25% on the Unlimited. 

Didn’t stop at the Verizon store to see if they could come close in price. 

The free TV and movies especially if one qualifies for the vet discount sounded interesting.

RE: ATT Unlimited Phone - camping bum - 03-08-2019

Just my opinion, i've had AT&T for 2 years and hate them more that a root canal
live in Orlando and the worst service ever

i know some people will say they love it, good .... glad it works for you but it's a total waste of money for me

RE: ATT Unlimited Phone - bigskybob - 03-09-2019

Ditto on what the bum said.I have Cricket now and couldn't be happier.

RE: ATT Unlimited Phone - highdesertranger - 03-09-2019

doesn't AT&T own Cricket? highdesertranger

RE: ATT Unlimited Phone - becida - 03-09-2019

(03-09-2019, 08:15 AM)highdesertranger Wrote:  doesn't AT&T own Cricket?    highdesertranger

Yes they do...