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shopping for induction cooktop - 4k4000 - 03-16-2019

I'm shopping for a portable countertop induction cooktop. I searched the forum and found threads discussing general use, but didn't find any reviews of specific units.

I'm considering the IKEA TILLREDA but after watching some reviews on YouTube it seems like the fan is kinda noisy. I also found an Electric Induction Cooktop, iSiLER 1800W Sensor Touch Portable Induction Cooker Cooktop on Amazon which someone there reviewed as "less noisy than most". I wonder if they are all the same or if the noise isn't as bad in real life as it seems in the videos.

And also I'd like to get a generally high quality unit that will be reliable. Maybe someone with experience can comment. Thanks.

shopping for induction cooktop - rvwandering - 03-16-2019

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RE: shopping for induction cooktop - RogerD - 03-16-2019

The iSiLER 1800W Sensor Touch is the one I plan to buy.

Just not at the top of priorities, so I haven't gotten around to it.

RE: shopping for induction cooktop - maki2 - 03-16-2019

I am speaking to you from the experience of having used a portable induction cook top for all my cooking for the last decade.

I would suggest you focus your search on finding a 1500 watt unit, it will meet your needs just fine. The 1800 watt units are great for a kitchen in a house where you have a dedicated 20 amp circuit with its own breaker. That is the current electrical code for kitchens in homes. But that is not what you are likely to have in your home on wheels. So for the health of your electrical system use a 1500 watt unit.

You will very rarely want to use the burner on the highest heat level so you really don't need 1800 watts, 1500 is quite sufficient. Besides that the biggest enemy and fastest way of destroying the non stick coatings on pans is to use them on a very high heat setting. It is not the scratches that are the largest problem it is loosing the non stick property and using them on really high heat will make that happen.

Be sure the unit has a full glass top with the controls located under the glass. If there is any plastic near the upper surface areas the heat of the heat from the bottom of the pan generated while things are cooking will eventually destroy the plastic. The more heat levels and fine tuning of temperature you can get the easier your cooking chore will be. So 1,500 watts, full glass tip, lots of options for the temperature setting. There are not a lot of units out there that meet that criteria but there are a few. Those are the sweet spot list of items to aim for to get the best results for a home on wheels kitchen.

I just took a quick look on Amazon at the offerings and this unit is quite good, full glass top. A choice of 15 temperature settings, plenty of good reviews. Not a bulky unit which makes storage easier.

RE: shopping for induction cooktop - 4k4000 - 03-16-2019

Thanks very much Maki2. I like the compact design of the Duxtop 9300ST Ultra Thin you linked.

Limiting my search to a 1500w unit is something I hadn't thought of. I downloaded the user guide for the Duxtop. It states that a 15 amp circuit is required. So that would indeed seem less demanding than something which requires a 20 amp circuit.

I couldn't find a way to download a user guide on the iSiLER website (which in itself is a negative), so I don't know what the amp draw is on the iSiLER 1800W Sensor Touch. From the iSiLER product description, it states 9 power levels can be selected starting at 100w and going up in increments of 200 to 1800w. So if level 1 is 100w then level 8 might be 1500w. But I don't know if limiting the power draw in that manner would address the amp draw issue.

RE: shopping for induction cooktop - maki2 - 03-16-2019

Of course it is up to you for how you want to set up your own kitchen. If you truly want the 1800 watt unit then I don't mind in the least Smile

The 1500 to 1800 watt units with a single burner can both use a 15 amp breaker. A unit with more than one burner would need the larger breaker as the total amps could exceed a 15 amp breaker.

RE: shopping for induction cooktop - Weight - 03-17-2019

Induction uses a lot of power from battery. Only plan if you are using mains power. Get a butane stove for off grid. I do like my induction, the cheapest I could find about 5 years ago.

RE: shopping for induction cooktop - maki2 - 03-17-2019

Actually you can use induction if you are not on mains power. Quite a few boon dockers do that but it all about how they have met their electrical  power needs with solar, battery storage and/or generators.

Some people have lots of solar power and large battery banks. They have no issues with using induction cooking while boon docking. That makes induction cooking  easy without being on mains power. If you are generating that kind of power you might as well take good advantage of it for clean/green cooking without fossil fuel. Of course many individuals who boon dock use generators which can also work for powering an induction cook top. They also like to run Insta Pots and microwaves with those high powered panels, battery banks and generators. If a nice new, big, fuel efficient, van with my own personal substantially sized solar farm, was within my financial reach on my modest retirement income I would be one of those people Smile

RE: shopping for induction cooktop - Weight - 03-18-2019

I'm a Cheap RV Dweller. I can't fit that much solar on my roof. And generators are costly to operate. gas camp stove for me.

RE: shopping for induction cooktop - 4k4000 - 03-18-2019

I appreciate the perspectives on whether induction is or isn't right for you, and I am learning a lot!

My main reason for the thread though is just to ask those who do use induction about their own experiences with specific induction units that they either like or don't like. Thanks! Smile