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ATT Mobley - 2hr Time out work-around - ice_maiden - 03-17-2019

Just dropping by to let those of you with the ATT  Mobley know a work around I found for stopping the 2hr time out.

I have my Mobley in my RV on a power adapter.  My device didn't start timing out until December, and yes it was irritating for it to time out.  But I found anytime I even bumped it,  it came back on. This made me realize constant motion would keep it on.  I always keep a small fan running so I hooked the Mobley to the fan and it thinks it in a running vehicle. Always on.  At the moment mine has been on for 2 days without timing out.

The fan works for me, but I imagine anything with a "gentle" vibrations would work

RE: ATT Mobley - 2hr Time out work-around - Banjo - 03-17-2019

Pure Genius

RE: ATT Mobley - 2hr Time out work-around - B and C - 03-17-2019

I just got a power supply that put out 14V to overcome the timeout.

This took care of the timeout problem.

RE: ATT Mobley - 2hr Time out work-around - StarEcho - 03-18-2019

Thanks so much ice_maiden! So far, which is overnight,  it is working by hanging it in the window of my trailer and it's been windy.  Didn't have a fan handy and nighttime temps here are pretty low so don't really want a fan blowing inside.  But the windows of my trailer let the wind whistle in so something that I cursed a couple days ago has now turned into a blessing.  Lol.

RE: ATT Mobley - 2hr Time out work-around - Orlimar1 - 03-22-2019

Why not switch your sim card to a AT&T hot spot device like a M1 Nighthawk or a Unite Explore Rugged 815S? You'd get better speeds and not have all the hassle. I've had mine out of the Mobley for almost 1.5 years now. As a matter of fact I got an Nighthawk for $50 as an upgrade offer from AT&T.

RE: ATT Mobley - 2hr Time out work-around - Headache - 04-17-2019

Thanks for posting this! That explains why sometimes it stays on for hours past the 2 hour limit.

RE: ATT Mobley - 2hr Time out work-around - Stormravyn - 04-27-2019

I have the USB adapter for mine I plug it into the side of my laptop and have internet wherever I go. No shutoff timer. Also, I believe when I got mine the instructions said there is a setting for that?

RE: ATT Mobley - 2hr Time out work-around - Headache - 08-12-2019

Came to check for updates and to post mine. Occasionally I've had issues with moving the Mobley in some way to keep it going and not shut off after 2 hours. Sometimes it locks up, I'll still be connected to it but I won't have internet so I'll have to unplug it, plug it back in and wait for internet again. Most of the time it works though.

Storm there used to be a setting for staying on all the time but AT&T nixxed it because people were using the Mobleys as their home internet, not the intent AT&T had for it.

That said Blizzard is coming out with the classic version of Warcraft. Time to buy the adapter as I don't want to have to think about it while I am farming!