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Finding Locations for Caravans - akrvbob - 03-24-2019

I will be traveling in the next week looking for suitable locations for caravans. I will be covering areas of the Mohave National Preserve, Barstow, Mesquite, Baker, Pahrump, Goldfeild, and as far as Lake Mead and Oberton.

I’m looking for areas or sites that would have camping suitable for groups of nomads. It would need to have internet access and shopping conveniences near by. If you are familiar with any of these areas and have site suggestions please respond with locations. 

Thank you in advance for your ideas or suggestions,


RE: Finding Locations for Caravans - Suanne - 03-24-2019

Similarly, I'm looking in eastern Arizona and New Mexico --
I already have a Caravan located at the abandoned gravel mine in Gage (near Deming, NM); and I'm checking out a place on the western side of Chiracahua (in AZ) tomorrow.  I'd really appreciate any other ideas that you may have.

Thanks much,

RE: Finding Locations for Caravans - tonyandkaren - 03-24-2019

Suanne, if you're going from Gage to Chiracahua check Veterans Park in Lordsburg. It's a free campground that doesn't get much matainence but it's large and gets little use. There are picnic tables and water faucets. Not much in town but there is a grocery store. We had good AT&T signal. We stayed for two night last December as we were heading west. I don't know what the stay limit is. I suppose you'd have to talk the city officials. Here's the link from freecampsites-!99115&query=sitedetails  The co-ordinates are wrong. It's actually across the street. You can see two rows of shelters over the picnic tables. There are also a few tables scattered around the western side of the park.
And a link for my blog post -

RE: Finding Locations for Caravans - Suanne - 03-24-2019

Thanks Karen.

Checked it out. Researched with the County. No official info that I could find online.

Do you think it would be ok to have a group there for 2 weeks. It seems that most reviewers say they stayed 1-3 nights.

RE: Finding Locations for Caravans - tonyandkaren - 03-25-2019

We didn't see any type of patrol or oversight. It seems like the town would benefit from people staying at the park - buying groceries, gas, eating at the restaurants. Do you think the mayor or police chief could give you more information?
I think most of the reviewers just stayed for a day or two because there's not much to do around there. It's an overnight stop for them.

RE: Finding Locations for Caravans - Suanne - 03-25-2019

Good ideas to check out Karen. Thanks.

RE: Finding Locations for Caravans - highdesertranger - 03-25-2019

if the campground is in need for some maintenance. perhaps they caravan could offer up some labor like landscaping, cleaning, painting, etc. you know "good will". might go a long way not only at this one but others. highdesertranger

RE: Finding Locations for Caravans - B and C - 03-25-2019 lists it as a county park and is confirmed. Maybe the county manager's assistant could provide the proper answer. It sounds like the park is a little run down. Longer stays maybe could be arranged for cleanup tasks and make some goodwill at the same time. This could lead to a win-win situation and allow some of the other caravans to stay there too for keeping it clean.

RE: Finding Locations for Caravans - bullfrog - 03-25-2019

Escapees do several volunteer type activites that result in allowing them free camping even though they sometimes pay for sites anyway. I know this is a loosely connected group but the cleanup seen to go well why not incorporate a volunteer activity in areas that need bodies for cleanup like our national parks or forests. I know large volunteer groups have worked with National Park staff here at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (Lake Powell) and I would think it might help with people's attitude towards letting small groups of less than 10 come in and help. There is already an on the water group called "Trash Trackers" that runs all summer long so a land baised one might also be welcomed similar to community cleanups arealdy in place. This might also help attract experienced nomads to help with the caravans as well.

RE: Finding Locations for Caravans - Suanne - 04-13-2019

Thanks for the idea about the Veterans Park in Lordsburg. I'm here now, and we will be having Caravan 4E at this park for a couple of weeks beginning Monday.

To be cautious, I spoke with the Chief of Police in Lordsburg to make sure a 2-week stay would be ok, giving him the CRVL and Meetup links to the Caravans. He said he didn't see a problem with it. Yay!

Although a little overgrown and run down, it was a pleasant night's sleep here. With the recent winds, I expected to see more trash caught up in the brush, but it's not too bad. The plan is always that the Caravans leave a place in better condition than they found it. I trust that will be the case for this April 15-28th group.

Here is the information about the Lordsburg location on Meetup … please feel free to RSVP online and join the group!

Much appreciation for this lead!