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- VanGirl - 03-09-2013

Ladies it has been a very cold, snowy winter in southwestern New Mexico. I will be very glad when it is over. I guess the depressing part is that I'm only 100 miles from the warm Arizona desert. The good part about where I'm staying is the summers are cool and beautiful. Right now I'm really missing my family. I don't feel like this often but lately it is getting to me.

- dragonflyinthesky - 03-09-2013

Here in Ohio we've had our typical cold winter with weeks of no sunlight. Everyone seems to have sadd (or whatever its called).&nbsp; I'm sorry your'e missing your family. I hope you get to talk to them over the internet or phone at least.&nbsp; It won't be much longer for you and me, I can hardly wait for hot weather.<BR>Diane<BR>PS, the past 2 days have been mostly sunny and everyone is walking around smiling and most of the snow is gone.

- cyndi - 03-10-2013

VanGirl, I hate that you're feeling so down. It is that time of year when S.A.D. really blooms. The time change will help. <br><br>I'm not devalueing your feelings about missing your family, just saying the change of seasons will help to brighten your days.

- VanGirl - 03-10-2013

Thanks for the encouraging words. I agree that it is the winter effect (SAD). <br><br>I'm glad I took a full time job out here. Without working I'm sure it would be worse. As for the family I will have to fly home in the next few weeks to see my adult grandchildren and others that are important in my life.<br><br>I'm glad we kept The Girls Room. It gives us some where to sound off.

- mockturtle - 03-10-2013

I get SAD, too, here in western WA where we go for weeks with nary a glimpse of the sun, get rain nearly every day from September through early July.&nbsp; I feel your pain.&nbsp; At least, snow reflects light!&nbsp; How I miss the AZ desert!&nbsp; But circumstances keep me here for now.&nbsp; Hope you get an early spring, VanGirl!&nbsp; Hugs!