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T-Mobile sending me free signal booster - WalkaboutTed - 04-21-2019

This might be useful info for some of you with T-Mobile plans:

Well, I'm back in rural New Mexico, my home base, and where I am, there is only one T-Mobile cell phone tower. The signal is 3 or 4 bars LTE, but since I was last here, there must be new users sucking up the data bandwidth as most searches time out.  I have three devices (one phone and two tablets) on this plan here with me.

So I spent an excruciating hour on the phone (using my backup el cheapo Verizon Tracfone) with a kind , but not native English-speaking woman.  We did the requisite trouble shooting and of course, there was no change and there won't be until they increase the tower capacity. The next step of their protocol is to send out a signal booster (RS3 Duo+ Rainier Signal Booster B). Normally, there is a $25 fee, but she waived it, perhaps because I have so many devices on my plan (six total because I have three more lines for my sons-nice Mom, no?) Even though it will not fix my problem here, it can be used anywhere there is a marginal signal, which is often the case in rural New Mexico, where I spend most of my time. The only caveat is that she said that I must notify T-Mobile when I use it in a new area, which is often. I could have used it two weeks ago, while up in the Cibola NF.

You must have a street address for the shipping of the unit, not a PO Box, so I had to use my son's address, 20+ miles away.  I'll update y'all when I receive it and use it in an appropriate area.  

RE: T-Mobile sending me free signal booster - WalkaboutTed - 04-21-2019

Sorry about the small font, I don't know why except that I had to copy and paste it from elsewhere as my data keeps dropping out and I didn't want to lose what I had been typing.
(fixed it for you most of the way but didn't get the correct font. Moderator rvwandering)

RE: T-Mobile sending me free signal booster - [email protected] - 04-22-2019

FYI, you can use the T-mobile booster on the Metro PCS network. And you can find the boosters used online for under $40.00

I have one and it works fine.

I think the notification of where the booster is at is a FCC requirement in case of interference, not necessarily needed to make it work.

RE: T-Mobile sending me free signal booster - aeryn - 05-11-2019

Good to know as my cell is on Metro PCS. Thanks for that info!!