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RE: What are you having for dinner? - Dingfelder - 07-29-2019

Nothing tonight; on a 24-hour fast. Last night, a huge salad, trying to finish off some lettuce before it goes bad. Threw in anything remotely veggie I had nearby, plus some pickled eggs. I really like rice vinegar as a dressing now. Lots of flavor, not too sweet, pretty much zero calories, needs no refrigeration.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - XERTYX - 07-29-2019

I had some jalapeno cornbread. Now I want some more. I also want pickled eggs now. Tongue pickled eggs are amazing.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - RoamerRV428 - 07-29-2019

cool on the 24 hr fast

I just did a day with broth and a can of tuna. low food intake and not quite a fast but days I eat very little or a total fast I feel wonderful but tonight I got my eye on 2 nice pork chops. Vinegar is good for ya Smile rock it out Ding!

RE: What are you having for dinner? - XERTYX - 07-31-2019

Pizza time!

RE: What are you having for dinner? - XERTYX - 08-01-2019

My oh my oh my. Carb heavy but tasty.

First off I had some leftover pizza sauce from yesterday's pizza and a little mozzarella cheese leftover as well. Then i remembered i had a package of potato gnocchi someone gave me. So i boiled the gnocchi and drained off the starchy water a few times in hopes that it wouldnt stick when I added the sauce. And cheese.

Yesterday when making the pizza dough I decided I wanted to try and make my own bread. So using a little of the yeast I started a dough and let it rise all afternoon. I put it in the fridge overnight to keep any bugs out and this morning set a cast iron skillet in the sun to warm a while then put the bowl into to pan just outta the sun and let it warm up and rise some more.

I was a little too aggressive turning the dough out into the skillet and it fell so I sat it in the sun a little longer while I was working on the fire. It didnt rise very much and after baking I thought it was gonna be a dud. The top was hard an hadnt browned. So I put it directly over the coals until I could smell it browning then flipped it and slathered with the rest of my imported French butter and browned the other side.

The gnocchi was pretty darn good but my hard lumpy bread was oh so tender in the middle and just crusty on all sides. It had more flavor than any yeast roll I've ever had in a restaurant. I was in such a hurry I didnt take pictures. But I will definitely repeat this experiment. Maybe next time I'll add some herbs and cheddar cheese to the dough and be more careful turning the dough out into the pan.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - Dingfelder - 08-02-2019

Excelsior! Bread is incredibly fun to experiment with and to eat. I'm sure you will find many great variations over time. Might I suggest wheat gluten to help the rise. Also, no-knead bread is great and works incredibly well in a cast-iron post with lid. Keep the lid on at first to help retain moisture so as to make a good crust, then take it off in the last half hour. Heat it blazing hot first, if you can, before putting the dough in. Cornmeal at the bottom makes it easier to remove.

There's something almost spiritual about bread-making, and the learning experience. It's relatively cheap, as high art goes. Don't deny yourself the experience! Even if the crust is awful, you might still be able to salvage an amazing middle.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - Dingfelder - 08-02-2019

Winco six bucks for ten pounds chicken, plus some sauteed microgreens and a vodka with basil.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - RoamerRV428 - 08-03-2019

pizza toppings is what I desire, the crust part I don't need LOL

nice pic of your pizza tho!!

today is broth and fasting til dinner
not in the mood to eat, hunger not around so I just go with the flow

got a hankering for a ton of nice big old shrimp and a bit of cocktail sauce. gonna eat a big mess of them tonight.
with old bay of course, zips up the flavor for me.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - eDJ_ - 08-20-2019

Another 100 degree f (not c)  day with 95% humidity here in the Ohio Valley AGAIN today.  Haven't felt much like cooking or much less eating of late but I did think of something I wanted to try.

Sardine Salad

Like a Chef's salad but it goes like this.  It is cool and sets well with the stomach. 

89 cent bag of garden salad from Aldi's

Jar of Artichoke Hearts *use 1/3 bottle refrigerate the rest)

Can of sardines in oil

thin slices of red onion

1/2 cup of yellow banana peppers (I used mild) 

thin slices of celery

Season with Season All & Garlic Salt

Dress with Zest Italian salad dressing Aldi's

Another way to prepare this would be to  start

with a bag of garden salad

red onion slices

thin sliced celery

sardines in oil


yellow mustard

lemon juice

lemon zest

salt and pepper to taste

It is quick easy full of veggies and some protein from the sardines.   And as a cool salad with a cold drink goes pretty well on a blistering hot day.

You can even chop this up fine to eat on bread as a sardine salad sandwich.  Just add some slices of tomato, cucumber,
and sprouts if you have them.

For more ideas about sardines:

Society for the appreciation of the lowly tinned sardine

RE: What are you having for dinner? - gwave - 08-20-2019

(08-03-2019, 05:22 AM)RoamerRV428 Wrote:  pizza toppings is what I desire, the crust part I don't need LOL

You reminded me of the time I had an exchange student from Japan staying with me for a few weeks. He wanted to try pizza so we got him some. It started out real weird when he ate the pizza backwards, but got even weirder when I noticed he was only eating the bare crust and throwing the delicious doughy cheesy saucy toppingy part (aka pizza!) in the trash.