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RE: What are you having for dinner? - eDJ_ - 05-13-2019

I made a Spinach Salad tonight.  When at the Grocery Store Sunday afternoon they had marked some big boxes of baby spinach down to a buck fifty and I grabbed one.  I had bacon, eggs, red onions, canola oil, apple cider vinegar and a box of Herb flavored dressing at home along with my condiments & spices.  

I go off on salads from time to time and have a Tupperware bowl that's about 16 inches in diameter and stands about 8 inches tall with a tight gripping lid.  

We are in a cool spell that the old timers call "blackberry winter". (happens each year when the blackberries are in bloom)  So I put the big bowl outside up high so it would be safe from the raccoon's,  should they get a whiff of it.  But if they're going to get any they  better  bring dynamite and a crane cause I really stashed it well.


(photo edited to smaller size by moderator)

RE: What are you having for dinner? - XERTYX - 05-14-2019

Last night I had a medium sized margherita pizza. I'd never had one before and Wally world had a few pizzas on markdown. I could have gotten a medium pepperoni for 2.50 or an extra large cheese for 2.87 I think... the margherita pizza was $4 (originally $8) Not cheap but just trying something new.

I baked it in a convection toaster oven on shore power and it turned out beautifully. I had meant to slice some onions and put them on but I'm glad I didnt. The combo of fresh mozzarella and shredded mozzarella were a treasure.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - RoamerRV428 - 05-15-2019

tonight is sautéed chicken with a little broccoli in alfredo sauce. with fresh delish parm cheese! yum

RE: What are you having for dinner? - XERTYX - 05-15-2019

Sounds good. Last night I dined on 30 cents. Plus shipping and handling.

At Wally world where I got yesterdays pizza on markdown I was looking thru the bakery mark downs and saw the lady had pulled all of the everything breads. I asked if I could take one. She said yes I'm just marking them down. It was already on markdown. It went from 60 cents to 30 cents.

Score. I toasted the entire split loaf with a stick of butter and garlic powder. A little oregano dipped in spaghetti sauce. I ate the whole lot.

Tonight might be eggplant parmesan but I've had tomato sauce 3 days in a row. So maybe some macaroni and cheese.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - RoamerRV428 - 05-16-2019

it always feels good to score a great markdown Smile

tonight is simple
big old cheeseburger patties from the grill and a monster side of bacon to eat with them.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - Dingfelder - 05-17-2019

(05-11-2019, 04:31 AM)eDJ_ Wrote:  Recently I had this for dinner.  I didn't much care for it but a female friend of mine saw it in a Woman's World or First for women magazine and was so charmed with it she said she would buy the ingredients if I'd make it.

Salmon, Gnocchi, (potato dumplings) Alfredo sauce, sliced cucumber, pesto, and fresh dill. 

The fish if pan fried well and separated from the skin and then cut into cubes. 

The Gnocchi is boiled until it floats to the surface.

The Cuke cut into 1/8 inch thick slices.

The Alfredo heated in a large skillet and thinned some with the water the Gnocchi was boiled in. 

The Cukes and fish are added to this and cooked until the Cukes are soft.

Garlic Salt and pepper are the seasonings called for.

When plated Pesto is dotted over the top and fresh dill is held above and snipped with scissors to cover lightly.

She liked it but was disappointed that I wasn't so taken with it.   But I think women seem to like trendy stuff that some Celebrity Chef dreamed up.  


If I were to make this again.........for myself........I'd leave the Cukes out,  the Pesto in the fridge, and slice a white onion into rings.

I'd proceed with the Alfredo, fish, and Gnocchi and sprinkle it with Old Bay or something.

I'd put the Cukes & Onions in a bowl and add vinegar & water, garlic, some sugar,  and snip the fresh dill over that to make a Cuke & Onion salad. 

These would be served beside each other.

Yes,  I know it's all going to wind up in the same place.  But to me, how it gets there makes all the difference in what we call dinner.  Rolleyes

Yeah, cukes are a texture, not a flavor, ingredient.  They make for something you are happy to crunch on and enjoy the high water content.  Splish splash, my mouth is taking a crunchy bath ... but the flavor comes from elsewhere.

Plain gnocchi plus cukes sounds ... meh.  The garlic should help a ton, at least if it's fresh.  But still ... there is basically nothing with its own texture added that isn't super-bland itself(cukes).   Salmon, some spices, wilted spongy tasteless veg ... mmm ... ehhh... muhhh... just not feelin' it. 

Your salad suggestion is the way to go by far.  I'd have coated the gnocchi in some caramelized onion, plus garlic gently browned, a little soy sauce, any number of other flavors/sauces from there if necessary.  Maybe a little squirt of acid, like some lemon juice, rice vinegar, or apple cider vinegar, to lift the savory flavors a bit and give them some breathing room ...

RE: What are you having for dinner? - RoamerRV428 - 05-17-2019

today I am fasting. Day 2.
day 1 went fab. beef broth and chicken broth and zero vitamin water I love to drink Smile

I do 3 day fasts cause they make me feel fabulous! Literally! I know others can't do it or don't want to but for me, a 3 day liquid fast is just wonderful...… dinner tonight is beef broth, snack is chicken broth and drink all the water and zero vitamin water (orange flavor I love love love) to suit me.

crazy post I know but fasting liquids is what is for dinner tonight Smile

RE: What are you having for dinner? - XERTYX - 05-17-2019

That's great. I do like a nice beef broth. Do you make your own or use concentrates or powdered broth?

Fasting has always seemed alien to me but I knew quite a few Muslim people when I worked in a major retail store and near the end of Ramadan they always looked so healthy. In fact I was invited to the mosque a few times as well as to a celebratory feast after.

Tonight is gonna be boring. Last night was also boring. Bologna sandwiches.  Tonight probably a frozen dinner or canned soup.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - RoamerRV428 - 05-18-2019

It depends, sometimes I make my own, a lot of times I buy a good organic one from the store. Or I might even open up a can of Progresso beef pot roast soup and drain the contents and drink the broth LOL

It just makes me feel wonderful. Keeps me in extreme deep ketosis, which is where I want to be all the time and gives the body a chance to rest from digestion etc. All the good benefits I love....good feeling from it for sure.

don't get me wrong, some days are hard LOL I only tackle a 3 day fast when in that zone of knowing I am in the mood to do it and get thru it. Smells/sights of food around me can be tough when the family eats.

but today is my last day, I will get thru ok easily and tomorrow eat lighter coming back into my extreme low carb eating.

you know the older I get the less I like food. I hate cooking! I was never a baker! I never like the time it took chained in a kitchen to create a real recipe from scratch etc! I hate the bloaty stuffed feeling of bigger carby meals make me so sluggy. Sugar highs and lows, gone now for good. I just needed to change up the food and gain control over all the ick out there. Keeping it super simple is best for me now, how I want to roll.

Yea all those bologna sandwiches and boring chow....get out the grill and go for a nice rack of ribs or a big old steak or some yummy chicken thighs if ya can! I know a good BBQ puts a heck of a smile on my face Smile

RE: What are you having for dinner? - XERTYX - 05-18-2019

No doubt! Bbq is great. My modified upright smoker had 1 more season left in it 3 years ago. Haha. It would still work in a pinch I suppose. I should get a new one but a walk over to where my brothers camp is like I did last night will keep me satisfied. He used to cook on his brick smoker grill every non rainy day. Even some rainy ones.

Last night was smoke roasted stuffed bell peppers. Tonight idk yet. Maybe soup. I have a pack of crackers to eat before they go stale so maybe some chunky sirloin burger soup. Lots a taters and tasty tasty burger bits.

It's funny you say that about liking food less as you age. I'm the same way so I try new and exciting foods. Curries and things like that. Exotic flavors I didnt know existed when I was a kid. Although I'm feeling the mood return for a big ole pot of pinto beans and cornbread. I'll definitely make some when vidalia onions come in season. Pintos, corn bread, turnip greens, and a slice of vidalia onion is a sinful pleasure for me. Always has been.