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RE: What are you having for dinner? - Dingfelder - 05-19-2019

Old people tend to lose their taste. It's unfortunate, as their other sensual capabilities and options also shut down over time, bringing food to the forefront as one of the most lasting sensual pleasures they can enjoy. Few older people I've ever known, and I've known very many, don't tend to close down into themselves sooner or later. That's exhibited in food as much as anywhere.

Tonight I took out some quinoa I made yesterday in my rice cooker with some butter, chopped onion, sliced garlic and the tiniest pinch of saffron, which dissolved during the cooking. Couldn't even see the saffron. Maybe a waste. But good lord was that rice cooker, fully cleaned and dried, aromatic all night! Maybe it really did matter?

I caramelized some onions and added some chopped green onions, with worchestershire(sp???), soy sauce, thinly sliced leftover real ham, and some chopped thinly shaved carrot slices, dried thyme, as well as the last small part of a jar of commercial spaghetti sauce. Waste not want not. Cooked the rawness out of it.

I already had a big bowl of quinoa, which was tossed with some garlic powder, soy, raw green onions, raw regular onions, and raw carrot shavings. Filled the remaining frying pan space with that, tossed it all well, cooked till well warmed. Looked like fried rice. I didn't add egg because Chef John at Food Wishes says egg doesn't go well with quinoa ... though I've had it before and am not fully convinced.

Anyway, heated some nice pink pork tenderloin chunks reheated by putting its plastic bag in a pot of steaming hot water for a while. Didn't want to overcook it. When warm but still pink, sliced it super thin and put it on a bed of that quinoa mix on each plate.

Really nice, and though we ate through the last of the pork, the rest of the quinoa is still ready for left-over meals, and as good as any fried rice I've ever had.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - RoamerRV428 - 05-19-2019

A smoker! always a great piece of equipment! Even old I bet it cranks out good meats.

funny you want new tastes, I kinda don't now. I want simple basic food, like just a rack of ribs, I don't even want sauces on it. I do like to taste jump tho. I might make a big amt of taco meat, double up on taco spice almost so when I eat it, I know it LOL

My hubby just did a big old pot of pintos with some ham bones in it and he was in heaven.

Can't go wrong with southern cooking Smile

What are you having for dinner? - Cammalu - 05-19-2019

Xertyz, you forgot about the big slice of fresh tomato from the garden. Sounds like a perfect meal to me

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RE: What are you having for dinner? - B and C - 05-19-2019

I have eaten simple meals all my life. When I go to my sisters, she always cooks something fancy and new to me. I eat it to be polite but really wouldn't fix anything like it for myself, much less order it in a restaurant. I have never eaten what is considered healthy either. I have never gotten "tired" of the things I like and just eat them in rotation. All my likes are simple, burgers, meatloaf, steaks, pork loins, seafood (fried), ham with simple sides. Almost forgot chili! I don't eat much chicken but will get some fried chicken on occasion or make a chicken salad sandwich.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - Jacklelop - 05-19-2019

Boneless Chicken Breast cooked in butter and garlic woth some fresh spinach and a hand full of radishes thrown in. Grilled Bok Choy left from last night. Not very exciting but it does the job.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - maki2 - 05-20-2019

Had a bag of those colorful, small sized bell peppers that needed to be used up but no idea what I was going to make until I got started opening the fridge and cupboard.

Found a bag of buckwheat Sobo noodles in the pantry. Had a chicken breast. Cooked the peppers first in the skillet with some pepper and a few herbs and garlic leaving them slightly cruchy. Then cut the chicken up and cooked it over heat in the skillet so it stayed soft and tender. Took out the check but left the broth and added some soy sauce, a teaspoon of chinese hot mustard, the last quarter inch of a jar of pepper jelly, a splash of balsamic vinegar, tablespoon of brown sugar. Tossed it all together in a bowl.

It hit all the right spots that satisfy most people's taste buds, a little fat, some salt, the acid of the vinegar, the sweet and just a little bit of heat. The buckwheat noodles had a subtle flavor a little different than rice or other pastas. My friend enjoyed it. Slices of mango for desert went nicely with the dinner.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - Jacklelop - 05-20-2019

Scrambled Eggs with Green Onion and a can of Tuna added. Pot of Green Tea. Tongue

RE: What are you having for dinner? - Dingfelder - 05-20-2019

Sounds good, maki2 and also the chicken breast sounds good, jackie.

Went to Chef John on youknowwhattube and found his recipe for sweet potato and black bean chili. It was really good. I thought without meat, a chili couldn't satisfy, but this did just fine. I invited a couple people to join me and both liked it; one couldn't stop saying good things and that I should save a bowl for one of our friends to come eat it some other day. Chef John has a lot of good recipes.

It was fairly simple, but did require an oven to firm up the sweet potatoes before stirring them into the sauce and beans. That was recommended so they wouldn't turn into mush during the ordinary long slow cooking you do when making chili. I think you could do the same thing in a frying pan, but then you would have to do it in batches, and that would become pretty time-consuming if you were making very much of it.

Still, though it doesn't sound like chili, it did use the standard chili powder plus cumin, and a jar of canned mild green peppers. Garlic and onion rounded it out. I forgot to add the tomatoes, but the recipe didn't suffer for it. Oh, also added, as per the recipe, a tablespoon of raw cacao(chocolate) powder. I got it long ago to put in my coffee and it goes real slow, so I had some around.

Had a nice cucumber, green onion, and avocado salad on the side.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - RoamerRV428 - 05-21-2019

simple tonight as usual

garlic butter basted shrimp skewer on grill along with a nice small sirloin steak. love grilling!

RE: What are you having for dinner? - Jacklelop - 05-21-2019

Grilled Chicken Thighs with a Ginormous Bowl of Mustard Greens with Hot Pepper Vinegar. Needless to say I am currently sprawled out on the Living Room floor in front of a fan.. asking myself Why...Why did you do that...