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RE: What are you having for dinner? - Headache - 05-21-2019

Chicken thighs, rice and vegetables prepared by master camp chef Abnorm! It was YUMMY and the rice was cooked perfectly for me to gum. Damn I'm going to miss him this summer!

RE: What are you having for dinner? - RoamerRV428 - 05-22-2019

tonight is 4 super thin cut pork chops with a smidge of Cajun seasoning. Love them so thin, they fry up so fast and crispy, the way I like. maybe some bacon and eggs for brunch time if hungry....right now looks like a dinner only day. I love when I am just not hungry LOL

RE: What are you having for dinner? - Jacklelop - 05-22-2019

At my son's for dinner..Sockeye Salmon with Spinach amd Mushrooms. It was so good..did not want a glutinous repeat of last night so I bought home a doggie bag ( I'm the Doggie ) it's enough for lunch tomorrow.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - Dingfelder - 05-23-2019

Tuna fish patties -- cilantro, some lemon juice and zest, chopped green onions, sliced water chestnuts, and eggs to bind it Dipping sauce of seasoned rice vinegar, some more lemon juice, a squirt of soy, and cilantro. Some salad on the side.

It does take a bit of a pantry to put it all together, but overall super simple to make and not expensive. Water chestnuts sounds expensive but they are a bit over a buck a can for more than you might even want to use. Tuna is tuna. I've used cilantro in the last three meals for 50 cents combined.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - RoamerRV428 - 05-23-2019

jacklelop, you had me cracking up that you are the doggie Smile

tonight is simple
sautéed chicken in alfredo sauce
I might get wild and add a little mushroom and broccoli florets into the mix. will see. don't require them in any way but every now and then I like to eat them.
brunch time food...hmm, not that hungry again so maybe a protein shake if wanted. I don't care.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - Jacklelop - 05-24-2019

RoamerRV428...Sometimes I have make myself laugh. Glad I made you Chuckle

Tonight I'm having a small Ribeye Steak with a little Blue Cheese on top and a side of Sliced Cukes. Green Tea to wash it all down.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - Dingfelder - 05-24-2019

Sounds delicious, jacklelop.

Made some quinoa salad, but for tomorrow. Added the usual beans, olives, vinegar and oil, pepperocini, some leftover bacon chopped fine, caramelized onions, raw green onions, thyme, garlic. Right into the fridge after tasting for seasoning.

For tonight, made those Starbucks-type eggs. A dozen eggs, half cup or more of cottage cheese, for regular cheese only a sharp cheddar I shredded up, lots of caramelized onions deglazed with soy sauce, a fair bit of thyme, and some raw sliced green onions for some color. Had some leftover bacon and sprinkled just a few tiny chopped pieces on top of each egg thingy before cooking. I wanted to experiment with not using a blender this time ... and it came out no worse for it. I won't bother using a blender again. I think small-curd cottage cheese probably makes a difference here, which I like the best.

I used this, from Amazon, to cook the eggs in. Two tablespoons per pocket or whatever you want to call it:

Lowered it into a frying pan that had about an inch of water in it and covered up. Takes a good while to cook these things, much more than you would think. Even oiling the pockets, the eggs aren't easy to get out until a good 15 minutes of steaming has passed, regardless of the temperature. After a long while, they do finally tend to separate from the sides, so that can be a definitive clue they're ready.

Pretty delicious, but worlds better when hot than cold. So eat fast. Reheat great, freeze well, and I was at a friend's house so I made lots and still had plenty leftover from the dozen eggs etc. The uncooked mix freezes very well too, if you just want to mix up a batch and break it into small portions for cooking later.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - Jacklelop - 05-25-2019

Grilled Chicken Breast tonight with some homemade Harissa on top. My neighbor made the Harrissa and Good night nurse is it spicy!!! But it tastes terrific I like spice...I like alot of spice but that one even made me sweat. My side was a bowl of Collerds(yum) dident need my usual hot pepper vinegar cause my mouth was getting a break between bites of that 5 alarm Harrissa. Hope everyone is having a wonderful dinner and a relaxing evening.

RE: What are you having for dinner? - RoamerRV428 - 05-26-2019

good info Ding.
I so get ya on some foods need to be eaten HOT. I am that way on ribeye steak. The amt of fat that is greasy, lardy in it means I need it very hot and it tastes fab, it starts to cool a bit and it seems fatty gummy lardy which I hate.

J, made ya sweat LOL that sounds a bit too scary for me to handle Smile

tonight is our holiday meal.
Monday is a work day so today is party day

NY strip steaks on the grill
a lot of frozen snow crab legs for all of us to enjoy. melted butter obviously for dipping, yum

on grill for the family we got fresh corn also and hubby making his famous baked beans.

and the beer and all will be flowing thru the day HA

RE: What are you having for dinner? - jeanmarie - 05-26-2019

Calf's liver with heaps of sauteed onions and peppers, and rice pudding. Weird, I know. But it's is easy, nutritious, cheap,  popular with DH, helps clear up some stuff in the fridge. Added pkus is that I don't have to deal with the traffic and weekend crowded stores to shop. I have what I need.