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WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - JD GUMBEE - 04-24-2019

Take a bag of frozen, cooked shrimp of your choosing.
Soak in warm water twice for about three minutes each time.
Turn your Zucchinis in a noodle maker as shown...or cut into thin, noodle-sized strands.
[Image: zoodle.jpg]
(Rastafari lives!)
Melt a full stick of butter in a pan.
Add liberal Garlic powder, Onion chunks (easy on them) or onion powder.
Drop the Shrimp in and begin stirring the mixture with a spoon.
[Image: sssshrimpy.jpg]
After about two minutes of the butter sizzling, drop the "zoodles" on top. DO NOT DRAIN ANY JUICE.
Add a few hand-mashed hot pork rinds if you like.

[Image: finish1.jpg]
It should look like this now.
Cook it on medium heat now till the "zoodles" JUST become tender to your liking. Leave a little CRUNCH to them.

You can dump the entire mixture into another container, or use a second pan now...
...if a new pan, coat the bottom in olive oil. (If you are going "ONE PAN," the residual butter coating will be fine as is)
Add 3/4 of a coffee cup of water and crank the heat till the Asparagus till tender to your taste.
[Image: asparagus.jpg]

(I cover it while it cooks. Takes no more than five minutes for our desired tenderness.)

[Image: DONE1.jpg]
Now, it should look like this^^^
No need for butter or salt.
Dip the Asparagus in the juice from the shrimp/zoodles.
FREAKING AWESOMENESS (if you like shrimp)
This entire situation takes only 30 minutes start to plating.
Full gut, hot food and you are still slowly melting extra pounds off.

These pics taken today represent one bag of shrimp.
Four 10 inch "kielbasa" sized zucchini and a stick of butter.
(You never end up consuming all the butter.)

You can also save the residual juice from the pan for fish sauce recipes.
(It ROCKS with shrimp flavor.)
That is three full sized adult servings...and you will be stuffed.
Costs about 10 dollars to do this from pretty much any WalMart.

I suggest following it up with an Atkins candy bar...a good bong hit...maybe even some edibles later on.
(...while watching the new GOT episode, waiting for you on your video server... Wink )

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - tx2sturgis - 04-24-2019

Always wond'rd what kinda fish that them ketos were, well now I know! 

They is shrimps!


RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - XERTYX - 04-24-2019

I'd try twice except for I dont like seafood and veggie noodles seem wrong to me on some level for some reason.

I want to try zoodles but I'm scared of them for some reason. I've read about making noodles from young pine inner bark and I like bamboo shoot matchsticks but idk why I'm afeared of zucchini noodles. Tongue

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - RoamerRV428 - 04-24-2019

love it

I am a very very (almost zero carb eater) and never go above, like 10-15 total carbs per day.....but I would eat ALL that shrimp, skip the zoodles cause not a zucc fan ever, and I would eat ALL of that asparagus Smile even if all that asparagus got me above 15 for the day then so be it, I love the stuff Smile

that would be my meal....yum. One meal I love it a nice ribeye steak and garlic butter shrimp on the side....oh yea baby.

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - XERTYX - 04-24-2019

(04-24-2019, 03:24 PM)RoamerRV428 Wrote:  One meal I love it a nice ribeye steak and garlic butter ....

I wonder is steak with garlic and mushrooms keto? I've done ZERO research into keto. A steakhouse in Sarasota Fl called the stock yard has the tastiest steak I ever tried. This was years ago. It was many months aged beef steak. My only regret is that i was afraid of rare back then and requested well done.

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - JD GUMBEE - 04-24-2019

Keto, simply is "Atkins with greens" if you want to super-simplify.
Yes, mushrooms must be held in cautious amounts, but yes.
Nearly every sauce is loaded with carbs though.

The tastiest steak I ever had, was a back strap off the baby bambi that got hit in front of me.

Strange, but 100% true.
$80 plates in all kinds of high end eateries up North never came close to that deer meat. Bambi veal...

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - B and C - 04-24-2019

I am on a see food diet. I see food and eat it.

My father-in-law raised cattle and we would get a calf right off the teat butchered. Good steaks! Never had a Bambi but regular deer meat is too lean for me.

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - RoamerRV428 - 04-24-2019

Keto is a name/form of a low carb menu. Thing is I think keto has some 'rules to follow'......all I follow is very very extreme low carb eating, in other words I limit cards to around 10-15 total per day....I don't care where they come from....with keto (I believe/think) they have a kinda rule of foods to follow.

Guessing on keto rules here LOL since I never researched truly any of the names of different lc plans.

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - RoamerRV428 - 04-24-2019

yea JD, sauces are killers for sure. I make my own garlic butter, or alfredo sauce or hollandaise 'buy' these out and they are preserved and chemical'd and carb'd to death.

I love reading you are keto and posting keto menus. I say I am super duper low carb to zero carb and people look at me like I am from another planet LOL

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - JD GUMBEE - 04-24-2019

It surely is not an exact science. We kind of follow Bergs outline on YT.
Mrs G views all his vids. Trying to run 30 hour eat cycles (intermittent fasting I think) does a lot for weight loss, but I feel weak as a cat by the 20th hour.
Do you have bloodwork numbers before and after low carb?
Have you tried to increase stamina while on low carb?

Learning to make your own sauces is key to enjoying a little comfort food now and then.
Well made Cloud Bread around a cheeseburger, loaded with zero carb pickle relish can save you from falling off the wagon.
Have you done them with spinach leaves, pickle slices with double bacon slice and a little SouthWest Ranch spicy dip on top and a well done fluffy cloud bread? The burger over-rides the egg taste in the cloud bread. (Tuna Salad works well also.)
If you did not pay close attention, you would not really know it wasn't normal bread.
(Gotta use an oven to get it right though, in our experience anyway.)

Using salsa in the place of normal ketchup has been great. Cilantro stretches tomato in general, also.
Mixing olive oil mayo and spicy brown mustard, with to-taste Splenda will bake amazing chicken.

We don't even keep carb food around anymore.
How long have you been keeping carb counts down?
Have you gone raw chocolate yet?