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RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - RoamerRV428 - 04-25-2019

I do 85% chocolate. rarely eat it tho.

I don't worry about bread luckily. I am not a bread fan truly, so I don't have to do cloud bread and all the subs for that.....I tried making it long ago and it didn't float my boat.

what I need to do to stay on my eating plan is have 'combo meals'. I need like 2 tastes to make me happy. I will have a cheeseburger off the grill and have a pound of crab legs in butter with it Smile Or I make Cajun cubed chicken chunks and I will have a cup of taco meat along with it. It seems I need taste changes to make me happy and content and that way I can easily avoid carb/processed junky stuff.

Like morning I can do 2 scrambled eggs and some sausage or bacon....then I am good thru the day easily. I just say no when the family gets ice cream and such. I make sure I keep to a higher fat content in my eating and that keeps me in deep ketosis and I am just not hungry, I have the easy willpower to say no, especially when I know if I don't eat that ice cream I can go home and eat up a ribeye steak and scallops in butter Smile

no I never did bloodwork and all that. I lost about 60 lbs in 2 years now. I just eat near zero carb and haven't 'done numbers' or 'macros' etc. Luckily I am a meathound to the ultimate so I walked into this kinda easy.

I have energy thru the roof I never knew I had LOL

I love this way of life.

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - JD GUMBEE - 04-25-2019

(04-25-2019, 05:35 AM)RoamerRV428 Wrote:  I have energy thru the roof I never knew I had LOL

I hope I can gain some of that myself as I melt down further.

I hear you loud and clear about the flavors being varied!

I send you my respect for being able to keep away from the naughties.
We don't even have that stuff in the house. I would have fallen off the wagon by now for sure had there been Chunky Monkey in the freezer.
Especially after a smoke break...when the goodies in the kitchen begin talking to you...???
They talk to me anyway. Sad

Mrs G's stromboli, Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey are the things I miss the most.
(Don't care about the Audi TT...or building a balsa model of the Andrea Doria, either.)

(Only Fagen/Becker-enticed jazz-punks are likely to get those...)
But, if you have the time and bandwidth, here is where those references go:
It's all in the lyrics...

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - Doubleone - 04-25-2019

Rebel Creamery vanilla... ice cream. Yummy! ...and doesn't kick you out of Ketosis.


RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - RoamerRV428 - 04-26-2019

yea I have an LC friend who loves loves loves Rebel ice cream. She buys it I think in a 6 pack pint and they ship them all to her.

I keep low sugar beef jerky around. I try not to overeat on bacon cause I like to keep bacon as a 'go to delicious food' and eat a ton of it when I feel a bit 'deprived'. I keep tins of sardines as snacks....yea I know, others would say EWWWW but I love sardines LOL so to me they are a snack and one I can easily have. I used to eat some pork rinds but lost a taste for them.....but I love that wanting to snack out is kinda gone now from my life.

but the mind wants some things when it shouldn't Smile Like I love love love Ben and Jerry's Phish food ice cream. OMG I have to power thru the ice cream freezer section and avoid my eyes in that direction or I want it so bad, but once I get by it, eh, the power it holds on me fades LOL

worst is eating out. the family eats what they want. It drives me nuts to pay top dollar for a crappy steak and NO sides Smile when I can eat a great steak at home for a 1/3 of the cost.

but in the end I choose to eat this way cause I feel my best so I just let it happen and eat well cause I mean, steaks, ribs, brisket, chuck roasts in the crockpot, all the seafood, bacon etc I want and feel this wonderful, hey I can't say I ain't eating fab!

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - JD GUMBEE - 04-26-2019

I envy your willpower.

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - RoamerRV428 - 04-27-2019

a lot of things are hard to change in my life that I would like to change a bit Smile but being a meathound to the ultimate kinda keeps me on this eating path a bit more easily. So far so good for me.

hey not to say I don't do one bite rules on other things if wanted. If family gets ice cream I will eat a spoonful from hubby's cup and then a few licks off kid's cone Smile but usually they get ice cream I don't like really anyway, so that keeps me from hounding it all down HAHA

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - Doubleone - 04-29-2019

"worst is eating out. the family eats what they want. It drives me nuts to pay top dollar for a crappy steak and NO sides"

Yeah, I can totally identify with this sentiment.  When I first started, I almost was in a panic just thinking about going to a restaurant.  Here's what I do now for Keto friendly meals... Most restaurants will substitute a double helping of veggies for a starch...  I'll also get greek or antipasto salads with seared steak, Yummy!.  Sashimi is totally delish but expensive (no rice).  El Pollo Loco (rotisserie chicken) sells a 4-piece all chicken no sides, add some salsa, and a diet Coke.  I get double-bacon cheese burgers as a lettuce wrap (no bun no fries).   Jersey Mikes and Subway will make subs as a tub/salad without the bread.  Cajon blackened salmon, ribeye steak with baked yam, subtitute a salad for fries/potato.   When nothing else is available, good ol-fashioned bacon and eggs breakfast is available most everywhere. Low-carb/Keto in restaraunts is just about making substitutions and asking the server for what you need... Even Disneyland has stuff we can eat.  The only hard thing about restaurants is getting enough fat. I always use extra butter on veggies, steak, salmon, and eggs.  If you tell your family about your diet, they'll even help pick places to eat...

"Have you tried to increase stamina while on low carb?"

I went to low-carb and periodic Keto specifically to increase stamina in my cycling, and it definitely increases stamina!  I went from hitting an energy wall at a mere 20 miles eating mostly carbs, to regularly riding 50-60+ before lunch just by eating low-carb.  My peak wattage output went from 230 to 750 watts over about 3 weeks time as I switched, and mid-900's after about 2 months low-carb.  So power and endurance dramatically improve...   Now, I regularly ride 20-30 miles on just my keto coffee alone.  After 2 hours or so, I might stop for a hard boiled egg or some protein and go back out for some more miles.  Keep in mind that long-term stamina is not the same as max power output.   Keto is a slow steady burn, and if you go balls-to-the-walls you'll burn up muscle glycogen and totally bonk.  Bonking feels terrible, like a flu or whole-body hangover.   Slow and steady is the deal with Keto, and you'll have plenty of energy for the long-haul.  If I know I'm going to be charging up some hills, doing sprints, a time trial, or hunting for PR's, I'll re-feed the night before with some squash or potatoes, and eat some protein in the morning with my coffee before going out.  Alternately, if I'm doing an intense evening training ride, I'll have some extra protein at lunch (about 3-4 hours before).  Protein converts to glucose and can mess with your Ketosis, so only eat what you need for intense energy output or recovery.

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - RoamerRV428 - 04-30-2019

yes I absolutely agree that many restaurants will work with ya when it comes to sides etc.
Thing is for me I mostly love to eat at home. I make it MY WAY but of course I must realize that they want to eat out and I have to adapt to just that and I have.

oh boy my bacon/cheese/omelet is one of my most ordered food out. every smaller type diner place will make me an omelet at all times. I love that option and I can rate all my places around me on their omelets HA

I love our Chinese buffet place cause they have peel and eat shrimp. I eat a ton of shrimp when the family hounds down all the crap Smile I won't eat the meats due to them soaking in sauces which are mostly sugar and who knows what else in there.

I can hit a wall and when I do I bonk out so fast it is scary. I must eat immediately. I can go SO LONG without eating but all of the sudden I must eat cause my energy level goes literally to 0. Exhaustion kicks in so fast and I know the feeling of it coming on fast and I carry around slim jims and beef jerky in my purse in the car etc. now with me at all times.

I received so many benefits from eating an extreme low carb menu. I got mental clarity which I love. Got tons of energy and no lag. I have that leaner, thinner no bloaty disgusting feeling after eating which is just wonderful. In fact too many benefits to list really, I can't ever see me going back to carby eating again. I found the fountain of youth for myself Smile I ain't giving it up ever LOL

great post Doubleone!!

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - JD GUMBEE - 04-30-2019

(04-30-2019, 04:13 AM)RoamerRV428 Wrote:  I can hit a wall and when I do I bonk out so fast it is scary. I must eat immediately. I can go SO LONG without eating but all of the sudden I must eat cause my energy level goes literally to 0.


We had to change times to "when your belly says so."

If I wait too long, I start to shake and weaken to the point of seeing spots.

RE: WalMart Keto Shrimp Zoodle scampi - RoamerRV428 - 05-01-2019

absolutely JD.

I got off the 3 squares a day plus snacks to graze thru the whole day and night routine. Food in your body at all times.

My eating routine has changed so much. Eat big protein meal and go forever not being hungry, til your mind says, hmm, I am kinda hungry but not 'really' hungry so I just wait and wait til go to far. I now know to count hours. I can go 6-8 hrs between my first and last meal and I am fine in a whole day. I push past that into the 9-10 hr mark of not eating after and I know I can go down for the count easily.

I eat at about 11-1 my 'breakfast/brunch meal' and then around 6-8pm I eat my final meal of the day. This keeps me from bonking out. I found my best routine that suits me and I try to hold very firm to it, but some times, well you know, so I keep emergency jerky with me LOL

when I travel far on rare occasions and situations I make a cooler kit. A can of tuna, some mayo packs, a few tins of sardines I love, a can opener, small bowl, some deli meats like salami I love and just bring it along with me cause I have been caught before with no food when needed, I know I will never be caught again.