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In Memory of David Ainley - Suanne - 04-29-2019

I write this post with much sadness.  

David Ainley (ainley53), one of our Trustees on the Homes On Wheels Alliance Board, recently passed away.  As a nomad in his converted school bus, Hannah, he spent his "last night kicking back, relaxing after a long day" along the shores of Lake Mead. He died with a friend at his side. We will miss him dearly.

As a mutual friend said, David's story continues -- his love for the nomad lifestyle, his big heart, his readiness to help and serve. Most profoundly, David's family donated Hannah to HOWA on Friday. Hanna is a converted mid-size school bus, aka a skoolie.  The family wants you to know that she is gifted with much love.

Hannah comes to us fully outfitted for the nomad lifestyle. HOWA's staff will now begin doing an inventory of her contents.  We need some help from one or two folks in the Pahrump, NV area who know tools and fishing gear. If you are a volunteer with that knowledge, that would be very helpful. Contact me at [email protected]

[Image: 59299207_138858127236147_146145424700132...e=5D6EB6BB]
[Image: 59079105_138858187236141_405463313670786...e=5D2AE7FB]

RE: In Memory of David Ainley - B and C - 04-29-2019

Farewell my friend. Enjoyed our time at the RTR long ago. Condolences to all, he was an asset and continues to give even after leaving us.

RE: In Memory of David Ainley - MaTaLa - 04-29-2019

RIP Kindred Spirit, enjoy your newest adventure!!

RE: In Memory of David Ainley - tonyandkaren - 04-29-2019

David was kind and generous and a friend to everyone he met. We will miss him but always remember his love of this lifestyle and the fun we had camping with him. The thumbs up photo says it all.

RE: In Memory of David Ainley - maki2 - 04-29-2019

Gone much too soon Sad

RE: In Memory of David Ainley - highdesertranger - 04-29-2019

sad news indeed. R.I.P. Dave. highdesertranger

RE: In Memory of David Ainley - cyndi - 04-29-2019

Happy trails, David. I'll see you down the road.

RE: In Memory of David Ainley - RoamerRV428 - 04-30-2019

very sad news, RIP and prayers to his family!

RE: In Memory of David Ainley - spence_maribeth - 05-07-2019

Never got to meet you or even get to know you via YouTube or here, but I can tell by your picture that must've been super good guy. Happy trails, David

RE: In Memory of David Ainley - Element Gypsy - 05-08-2019

Sad to hear. RIP David