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ETSY selling - vanbrat - 05-07-2019

has any0ne w0rked with ETSY while 0n the r0ad? I d0 art stuff and have s0ld a bit in sh0ps, it has been suggested that ETSY may be a next step Has anyb0dy worked with them? M0stly I need t0 make room for new projects in small space We have anther venter we are pretty sure will keep us in going this would just be me

RE: ETSY selling - maki2 - 05-07-2019

I have been selling on Etsy since 2013. It works fine on the road but you will want to be sure log in from a secure internet source such as your phone, tablet, etc rather than use a public wifi hot spot.

The funds that come in from the sales get deposited by Etsy into your own designated bank account. I set up a second checking account at my credit union as an inexpensive way to have a business account. That will make your book keeping easier. But Etsy does have integration to some book keeping programs or you can print out the end of the year expenses for doing your own records.

You can purchase the shipping for packages directly from Etsy. Be sure you travel with an accurate postal scale. Of course if you do that you will also want a printer so you can print and paste the labels onto your packages. If you do it this way the only reason you need to go to the post office will be to drop off what you ship out. I don't ship via UPS or FEDEX but I suppose I could if someone ever asked for that because they do offer that shipping through ETSY.

I have a lot of customers from outside of the USA and that has worked well for sales through Etsy as they do international orders if you enable that. I just need to know my tariff number and put in the quantity and what the item is and that generates a shipping label that works for sending out of the country.

Etsy has worked great for me. Some people complain about the fees but it really has made my work much easier with a lot less interaction with customers. Interacting with customers is time consuming and adds stress.

Esty raised the fees a small amount last summer but what they did with the increase was buy advertising space on Google and other search engines. I noticed and 11% increase in business because of that which more than offset the increase in fees. Now when someone searches for the products I sell on Etsy photos of what I made show up right at the top of the results from the search. Of course that won't be true for all products, mine just happen to be more unique rather than generic so that does help them get better ranking. It is very important to fill in those 13 keywords you can add to help people find your listing. People finding your Etsy store is based on several things, keywords are critical, doing some social media work is important, and get photos of what you make and sell onto Pinterest. There will be a cumulative effect. Fortunately I brought a customer base with me into Etsy as I was already known for making miniatures through forums, magazines and the newspaper. If you don't have an existing customer base who knows you and what you make or if you don't let everyone know they can now buy through Etsy it will take longer to get the ball rolling. Remember it is cumulative, it takes some time to get the sales ramped up.

One other tip for one the road, set up the turn around time for shipping out an item for several extra days or even as much as a week. That is because if you are boon docking you might not want to run into town right away or there might be a few days when you are not able to get a signal to receive the notifications from Etsy. You can always ship sooner but you never want to get caught with a record of shipping later than you said you would.

RE: ETSY selling - vanbrat - 05-07-2019

Thank y0u I am just n0t sure if I me pers0nley can keep up with everything I am great at making really neat 'stuff' n0t s0 great at the business end 0f things I am afraid I am talking myself out of things not what I want You gave me a l0t 0f things t0 think ab0ut

RE: ETSY selling - maki2 - 05-14-2019

I don't know what you mean about not being great at the business end of things. If you want to make things to sell then just start doing it. The product I sell is not something I started out to sell. I made some for a girlfriend Christmas party activity. I shared the photos, people wrote to ask if they could by them and I said sure. I had no business plan for it. The first year I did it by email which was too time consuming so I switched to using Etsy and that solved the business issues.

All you have to do is talk to people about what you make and share some images. Put a link to your selling website in the signature option on forums where you share that kind of thing. Write a blog or do Instagram, Pinterest and share on Facebook, etc. If you have something that appeals to people the business will grow nicely without needing to be great at the business end of things.

I don't try to sell my work on this forum because the people here are not from my typical customer base.  I  talk about it here in the context of helping others realize they too can make things to sell and do it successfully while living on the road.

ETSY selling - Cammalu - 05-14-2019

Living in my RV I don’t have any room for stuff but I would still like to see what you two are crafting please.

RE: ETSY selling - maki2 - 05-14-2019

Examples of some of some the sets I sell as pre-cut as kits. Of course I do have to take some photos showing the relative size next to rulers or sometimes as in this case common objects.

It takes precision design software and a precision cutting machine to design at this scale.

ETSY selling - Cammalu - 05-15-2019

Wowwwwe! Are those cute!!!

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RE: ETSY selling - jeanmarie - 05-15-2019

OK, not me, but I know someone who makes jewelry and sells it thru her Etsy shop. She currently lives in a very small Texas town, so there is not much of a local customer base.

She started a YouTube channel when she was nomadic, turned it into a vlog, and now also used it to advertise her jewelry.

RE: ETSY selling - Rajendora1 - 06-02-2019

(05-07-2019, 03:59 PM)vanbrat Wrote:  has any0ne w0rked with ETSY while 0n the r0ad? I d0 art stuff and have s0ld a bit in sh0ps, it has been suggested that ETSY may be a next step Has anyb0dy worked with them? M0stly I need t0 make room for new projects in small space We have anther venter we are pretty sure will keep us in going this would just be me

I run my sewing business from our truck and the storage unit, now with a plan to go completely mobil.  Etsy paid our non rent bills for years.  Etsy and a blog, non personal facebook page (facepage), and Tumblr, with a DeviantArt site (all free except Etsy and their listing fee of .20 cents.) has been a pretty good set up.  If you have the room for it and the power to use what ever tools, it's a good source once you are established.  Just market to your product niche.

RE: ETSY selling - eDJ_ - 06-02-2019

Just an aside to Etsy,  I have a friend who does Calligraphy which is an art form too.  She has a place on Guru com where she addresses envelopes and cards for Dentist and Medical Professionals.  She mails out reminders that people have appointments about a week before the appointment so they will put the card on the Fridge door with a magnet.  She says the Doc's think it sticks in the patient's minds better than a .txt

Last I heard she was charging $35 an hour and had 4 clients averaging 2 hours each a week.  They have her to pick up the stationary and stamps and she is paid for that function too. 

For her it is just some side money and a way to keep in practice.  

But there are a lot of skills that require very little baggage and lend themselves well to those who are on the road.

Could be a thread topic for those who would want.