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RE: Mac & Cheese in a Camp Dutch Oven - eDJ_ - 05-15-2019

Glad you like the recipe Kaylee.   If you are still at home you could try it in your range in a casserole dish.  (use your largest)

The mustard adds some zip to foods that are a bit bland by their nature.  There is vinegar in it and spices like Turmeric which will add more flavor and the vinegar is an organic solvent that will emulsify other agents that flavor the dish.

I usually feed six people with a DO full and hear them saying......"I could eat more of that" !

Remember,  if you decide to use evaporated milk in it get the regular evaporated milk....not the soy bean "Filled Milk".  (this will give a rich flavor when melted in with the cheese and other goodies)

RE: Mac & Cheese in a Camp Dutch Oven - highdesertranger - 05-15-2019

well thanks, but now I have no idea how the second line fits in. what am I missing and why should I know what TBI stands for. I know it meaning "Throttle Body Injection" but that didn't make sense. highdesertranger