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Replacement rv/trailer door locks - stevea - 05-15-2019

I’ve got 3 doors on my Runaway Camper each using a different (yet identical looking) key.

Each door has a handle lock and a deadbolt. It is making me nuts locking and unlocking these. 

I looked at the two digital RV keypad options. They want 249 per lock!

I thought about installing a normal door keypad deadbolt from Schlage instead. These worked perfectly for me in my houses. 

Or I could order 3 Bauer keyed alike handles to at least reduce my keys to 1. 

Lastly, I’m pretty sure I could break into my camper with my bare hands. With a screwdriver or a rock, I’m 100% sure of it so I realize any security is an illusion. 

Any thoughts?

RE: Replacement rv/trailer door locks - tx2sturgis - 05-15-2019

A good locksmith could replace the lock cylinders so that one key works in them all but that might cost you $100 or so....

You might be able to order three keyed-alike cylinders from the manufacturer or the dealer.

RE: Replacement rv/trailer door locks - B and C - 05-15-2019

I just had a couple of locks on my desk setup for the same key bt a locksmith. Used to be 3 keys, two for the desk and one for the credenza, $40 to make them one key. Of course I had to take them out and bring them to him.

RE: Replacement rv/trailer door locks - stevea - 05-15-2019

I think the locksmith might be the way to go since I’m full time months road. It will be easier to take all the locks to him by driving to his shop than to order ones online, pick them up somewhere, then install them or return them if they don’t fit.

CraigL - CraigL - 05-28-2019

VERY few owners are aware how “keyed-alike” are RVs, trailers, tool boxes, compartments. I found out the hard way that some keys fit many!!
Get ALL your cylinders re-pinned or rekeyed unique or get Warloks installed. It’ll eliminate the opportunistic tthieef and at least slow down the determined.