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JD retires...really. You want his business? - JD GUMBEE - 05-16-2019

If there is someone out there who fits the following:

1. You must be a mechanic who retains information by nature.
(Not "I worked at AutoZone for 6 months" I used to rip cars apart at age 12. It was your passion. Your dad built stock cars and you were driving them around the yard at age 6...)
You can learn the truck/industrial side, but without a baseline of hands-on wrenching/fabbing, this will not be the job for you.
You need to be a natural born "gear head."

2. You need to know SQL.
Even if you are rusty, there needs to be a background in writing queries. The visual generators will freshen SQL skills.
We would much rather have an experienced mechanic who needs SQL thawing than a "driving gloves plastic suit" who thinks he/she is a master wrench from watching youtube videos.
(No IT stuff like you may have seen me talk about...just got to know basic SQL and be detail oriented.
Router-demons handle all the gateways and firewalls now. Servers are all managed and on contracts.
No "backup tape" stuff on your plate.)

3. You need to be comfortable in an old school Jewish-family-owned outfit. Lots of NYC customers.
(If you're secretly a Klans-person...this is NOT the job for you.) Le'chaim!
You will also need to be comfy having your head handed to you.
There will be no "affirmative action" in this. You are a contractor without employee rights.
You serve at the pleasure of the principals/CPA's.

4. How is your follicle looking??
I am 50% of the decision maker in hiring my replacement.
Cannabis -soaked follicles can be obtained through the use of CBD oil. That is not a problem.
If your follicles may show other substances not prescribed by an MD, this job is not for you.
If you are 4 months out of rehab CONGRATS on working the steps...but this job is not for you.
5 years clean/sober? If the rest fits you...we should talk.
(They will check. Legal troubles beyond a domestic/DUI's younger than 5 years is an automatic no.)
If you were a stupid kid 20 years ago...even felonies, we can talk.

5. You need to be comfy with your own withholdings.
(You can hire an accountant for this easily.)
The "job" is not really a "job." You would be a contractor.
Job by job PO/billing. Monthly account settlement. Once you set up a simple program to handle this, it is a cakewalk.
You do not have to chase them to get paid, either. 30 days net and they rarely, if ever, have been more than a few days over. Any of them.

6. Night owls.
Running data at night is a way of life.
You may need to wake up @ 2:30AM to setup the next transfer.
You will travel to locations during *shiver* "upgrades."
(Those dirty router guys...we have tried sprays, powders and still, they keep coming back.)

Maybe there is a person reading this on CRVL who is nodding their head.
Read my posts.
R U comfy with the "headstrong-argumentative NYC-crazy" type?
(If my "style" triggers/offends you here on the forum...this is NOT the job for you.)
Roughnecks...lots of bikers/felons will be the ones with eyes on the battlefield for you.
They use the F word to tell their mothers good morning and beat up family members for fun. (I am only halfway kidding.)
You need to swim in this sea and interface well with the local fish.

You can do the job from Mt Shasta...or a hospital bed, if you have the skills required.
The work uses very little band, actually.
When I was in the RV, a jetpack 10GB plan was more than enough for the month.

The right person would need to get to NYC for a week or so to meet the principles.
(I'm out ASAP.)

If you are thinking this might be for you, PM me.
This is not a has not been posted anywhere yet.
If you are a spinal injured vet with most of these skills...I REALLY want to talk to you.
This is about as Gimp-friendly a situation as you will ever find.

Over the last three years, the monthly billing for the data side alone averages out to around $20K Gross.
Depending on how you do your taxes/take your income, thats not chump change.

If you fit this profile or even most of it...PM me.

RE: JD retires...really. You want his business? - Doubleone - 05-16-2019

Swim with the sharks and survive... Hmm... shark is quite tasty!

RE: JD retires...really. You want his business? - GraceinMotion - 05-16-2019

Dude, you are awesome. That is all.

RE: JD retires...really. You want his business? - tx2sturgis - 05-16-2019

SQL....that's a knob on a CB radio, right?


RE: JD retires...really. You want his business? - highdesertranger - 05-16-2019

yes what is SQL? highdesertranger

RE: JD retires...really. You want his business? - shadowmoss - 05-16-2019

Structured Query Language, database management. It is one of those things that if you don't know what it is you obviously aren't a DBA (database manager).

I used to be one.

RE: JD retires...really. You want his business? - ckelly78z - 05-16-2019

Good luck in your quest for the fabeled unicorn you so desire.

RE: JD retires...really. You want his business? - RoamerRV428 - 05-17-2019

congrats on the retirement.....the rest of that post, wow LOL Smile

RE: JD retires...really. You want his business? - tx2sturgis - 05-17-2019

Yeah somewhere thereĀ is a big cape with an 'S' on it hanging in a phonebooth....


RE: JD retires...really. You want his business? - JD GUMBEE - 05-17-2019

...with a "KICK ME" sign taped on the back, maybe.