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Paint Job - jim solo - 05-17-2019

I am going to try to paint my RV, ( named it : Solo ). What suggestions or colors are best, or least offending. Mostly I see white, to reflect the Suns
heat I assume. I know I won't be able to get it to look original with decals and all. I thought about doing it to look like horse drawn wagon of the old west.

RE: Paint Job - Spaceman Spiff - 05-17-2019

Gloss white will reflect the sun's heat best, so will keep the interior cooler.
The darker the color the hotter the interior (flat black is the hottest).
The color of the dirt where you are will keep the van looking clean longer.
Earth tones make you blend in with the forest.  Camo even more so.
Yellows, oranges, reds, magentas are more noticeable, as is black (sometimes).
Graphics and lettering make the van stand out and easier to remember.

Color depends on where you stay and what your goals are (e.g. cooler, blend in, stand out, personalize).

Professionally painted or do-it-yourself?

RE: Paint Job - highdesertranger - 05-17-2019

my personal preference is military Desert Sand 30277. it's a flat paint or what they call lusterless.

it's cheap, easy to spray, it's durable and you can get it in spray cans or by the quart or gallon. of course it's not for everybody. I find that the color blends well in both desert and forest environments.

as far as the graphics go I think they look tacky, not just on yours but all of them.


RE: Paint Job - jim solo - 05-17-2019

I was thinking Camo of some sort, earth tones, oak leaves, tree bark, in that area. Spray paint and stencils. It is Beige tone and titled in that color at the moment. The previous owner painted one side with odd light yellow color with pink undertones. The best side has some of the original decals, was going to copy back on to the repainted side.  Desert Sand 30277 sounds good, I'll get a sample and see how it looks. I'll be painting it myself, more to preserve the body. I have some lady friends, sisters, that are artist and am trying to get one or both of them to a mural on the drive side with air-brushes. I just got to get that yellowish pink off of it.

RE: Paint Job - JD GUMBEE - 05-18-2019

Camo will COOK you in the desert compared to white.

Were that mine, I would wet-sand VERY lightly on the brown parts with windex bottle full of water (spray spray) and a piece of 1200 in my hand. JUST scratch till it turns darker brown and move on. Then polishing compound and one of the floor waxes or automotive waxes of your choice.

My RV from 1986 looked EXACTLY like that when I bought it. Milky and ancient.

I also was planning to paint it.

After a wet sand and polish, it turned out looking a lot better than I thought possible.
(The trick is the ultra light touch with the wetsanding. The second you get color in the water, STOP and spray...then move on.)

Even in the open weather it took 5 years for the refinish to "wear off" and return to milky.

I also noticed something after looking @ more than 20 used Class A's.
"Painted" RV's, even cleverly painted RV's, have about zero resale.
Even with the patina, an original finish that looks like it has wax on it will be worth more.
(May not matter to you, but its something to at least consider.)

RE: Paint Job - jim solo - 05-27-2019

I think I will stick to Leaf camo in desert color tones.
Not sure how big to make the stencils for the leaves,
or what species to use, I'll mix them up. Might even
throw in a Cactus or Yukka plant.

RE: Paint Job - highdesertranger - 05-27-2019

actually the military found out that in the desert a solid sand color works better than a camo pattern. that's why on all the military vehicles they have gone to one color for the desert. highdesertranger

RE: Paint Job - ckelly78z - 05-28-2019

With a nickname of "Solo", it would only be prudent to paint it like this;

RE: Paint Job - jim solo - 05-28-2019

Quote:ckelly78z wrote : With a nickname of "Solo", it would only be prudent to paint it like this; ( millennium falcon )

I use Solo, because I live alone. Will be traveling alone. I like people, but don't get personal with many.
The Millennium Falcon would make a nice mural on the empty side of my rig. Desert Sand paint and a
dust cloud with the Millennium Falcon Bursting out of the sand. That would look good, may try it.

RE: Paint Job - RobK - 05-30-2019

What about a light grey? My trailer is grey and I find it can be nearly hidden in the trees. White trailers are a dime a dozen and alway stick out.