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WOMEN ONLY: Guns? - free2bee - 05-19-2019

Hi Ladies -

Just wondering if having a gun is recommended/necessary/required as a solo female nomad.  I hate guns, never had one and really don't want one.  What are your thoughts and advice regarding this issue?  I would feel more comfortable with bear spray, knives, etc. Plus I'm just not a fearful person in general, I can handle myself in most situations.  Is it naïve to think I don't need a gun? Thank you for your thoughts!

RE: Guns? - WanderingRose - 05-19-2019

My late husband always carried one when we traveled, but never had to even threaten anyone with it.

I’ve been traveling as a widow 5+ years, and have never felt threatened nor in need of any protection other than good common sense and my dog.

RE: Guns? - cyndi - 05-19-2019


Be aware that guns are a very divisive conversation, on the forum. We normally don't allow it. I will allow this thread to stand as long as no one gets into the issue of gun control.

RE: WOMEN ONLY: Guns? - Firebuild - 05-19-2019

When I was working long late hours in my store, lots of people told me I was nuts not to have a gun. My biggest fear in having one is that, not being fully comfortable, I would end up having it used against me by someone who's skilled at taking it away from me, instead of it protecting me. If I were well-trained and had been raised around guns it might be different, but for me, suddenly adopting a gun seems like it might be a fatal error.

RE: WOMEN ONLY: Guns? - RoamerRV428 - 05-19-2019

you answered your own question in a way about do not want one Smile
you don't like them, you never had one, you don't want one.....done deal!

I have one. I love guns. We are a hunting family, target shooting type it fits us. A gun would not suit you unless you go to a range and LEARN ALL there is about it but it sounds like ya ain't gonna go there.

Knives are great to have on trails while hiking. I got monster knives but they aren't intended for killing but could LOL but having one when needed for any emergency etc is great. I have big bear spray hanging from my belt cause we hike areas where a bear is likely and good for humans and more if required...…….

but it boils down to what type of traveling ya doing? Are ya talking people defense only or are ya taking out in the middle of no where when a predator animal could happen and other bad situations could leave ya needing equipment handy to carry?

over 25 yrs traveling, never needed our guns. Never needed bear spray or knives. On critters or humans Smile

RE: WOMEN ONLY: Guns? - free2bee - 05-19-2019

Ha - figures my first thread and I had to pick a subject that is divisive and not allowed, I am sorry about that. To be sure, it was not a political statement, just a personal inquiry. Thank you for your answers everyone, and I think all the responses point to no, especially if you have no experience and no desire for one like me. As far as for what I would use it for, in case of human threat, not animal. I would like to camp on BLM land, 14 day camping, driving cross country, etc. I wanted to put it out of my thought process if it's not considered a definite need. Which I now have Smile

RE: WOMEN ONLY: Guns? - outdoorcamogirl - 05-19-2019

I am a solo female much as a gun can be seen as a negative by many....there are crazy people in some places that you would never expect....what about that former military guy that was killed hiking the Appalachian trail recently....he did numerous tours in Iraq....and was killed by an unbalanced individual with a knife...I believe we should be prepared for anything- I carry a concealed weapon when I go anywhere in the wilderness....I am trained and have a concealed carry permit- better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it- don't be a victim.

RE: WOMEN ONLY: Guns? - sreesekelley - 05-19-2019

A gun is a tool. Before you make a decision, find a shooting range that has women classes. For a small fee they will provide you with everything you need from safety equipment, training, ammo and targets. The local classes get rave reviews from everyone that has taken them.

After you have completed the class and put a box of ammo down range you will know whether or not this kind of tool is something you want to have around.

Here is a link to a local gun shop that has ladies night. There is a video to watch that explains the class. It is a youtube video embedded in the website.

RE: WOMEN ONLY: Guns? - PODebbie - 05-19-2019

My husband, brother, sister, and many female cousins carry. I do not. I took the class and realized I could not kill anyone. I camp by myself, and ride my road bike and mountain bike hundreds of miles, and deep into the forest. I get scared, sometimes by people, sometimes by animals, but mostly the fear of the unknown. I feel that if I carried a gun, I would become lax on keeping alert in my environment. I feel I would not be able to respond quickly enough to use the weapon. I do carry bear spray when in the woods and I did have to use it last year when I dropped my bike on a bridge and the handlebar fell unto a bee/hornets nest. I was bitten about 8 times. I used the bear spray to attack the bees so I could retrieve my $2,000 bicycle. The bees came after me in a swarm. I have bells on my bicycle and on that same day, I deer came tearing across the path in front of me. I had been warned by a local that there was a mother bear and her cubs in the area so that is why I had the bear spray with me. It had been in my car for over a year since I was in Baniff with my daughter and they had signs everywhere about carrying bear spray.

Because I have stealth camped in the woods in northern Michigan, I am aware of the wolf packs and have thought about carrying. My husband will have his gun when we go out west this summer/fall. I want to have a gun for the bobcats that have been a problem on some of the mountain bike trails. Mostly I wear bells, and make a lot of noise to warn the animals and snakes when I am biking or hiking.

RE: WOMEN ONLY: Guns? - maki2 - 05-20-2019

If you are a truly fearful and timid woman you will suffer more harm with that than you are ever likely to encounter on the road.

The only way to gain confidence is to get out there and do things. It does not require a gun to do so.