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Tentative plans - feedback & advice welcome - CityWoman - 06-29-2019

Hiya, everybody.  I haven't posted here much lately after I sort of decided to put my ideas for nomadship on hold.  I had researched the possibility and was reading nomad blogs for a couple years before coming to the conclusion that it was better to stay put for awhile.

However, it looks like I will need to get out of my apartment in about a month (roughly), so I now have to my put my brain power to work on doing this quickly.

A little bit about me: I live in NYC and have never owned a car.  I can drive but I have no experience with buying, owning, or maintaining any kind of vehicle.  My tiny apartment is amazingly full of lots of stuff to get rid of, and there's also a few items I'd like to keep.  I'm pretty broke right now but I'll be receiving some money next month that will enable me to buy some kind of vehicle to sleep in, though I'll still need to be frugal.

My tentative plans:

Sell whatever I can ASAP;

Put into storage whatever I can't sell by the time I need to get out and sell the rest of my crap from the storage unit - I HATE the idea of paying for storage but it would be temporary and a lot cheaper than the rent on an apartment. I don't want to keep the unit longer than 3 or 4 months;

Buy a reasonably priced minivan, SUV, or pick-up with camper shell to sleep in, because at the moment I don't have the time, knowledge, nor resources to put into converting a van (if I find a van, it has to be sleep-in ready);

Brush up on my driving skills with lessons and take a basic auto mechanics course;

After the rest of my crap is sold, I'll look into places to relocate, where I can find work - either with lodging, or in a situation where I can sell the minivan and buy something more conducive to living in, converting, etc.

What do you guys think? Advice, tips, and suggestions welcome!

RE: Tentative plans - highdesertranger - 06-29-2019

sounds like a solid plan to me. good for you for realizing a storage unit is only a temporary thing. get in and get out like you said. highdesertranger

Tentative plans - feedback & advice welcome - Blanch - 06-29-2019

Get a vehicle you can stand up in. Lots of folks start out and say their biggest problem is being stuck inside and unable to stand up. You can get stuck inside for many reasons such as weather and trying to be stealth in an area. Being able to stand up in your vehicle will greatly improve your comfort.

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RE: Tentative plans - feedback & advice welcome - CityWoman - 06-29-2019

(06-29-2019, 02:10 PM)Blanch Wrote:  Get a vehicle you can stand up in. Lots of folks start out and say their biggest problem is being stuck inside and unable to stand up. You can get stuck inside for many reasons such as weather and trying to be stealth in an area. Being able to stand up in your vehicle will greatly improve your comfort.

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I appreciate what you're saying, but my considering a minivan or SUV is purely due to two things: the time crunch I'm under and the need for a finished interior. I don't know enough about the kinds of vehicles I could stand up in, nor do I have the time to do a conversion of a raw metal cargo van or similar.  My ultimate dream for the last few years has been a skoolie, and I still fantasize about that - but for practical reasons, until I leave NYC, I think I need a more car-like vehicle.  There's no shortage of Starbucks or 24-hr. diners in the city if I need to stretch my legs. Also, I'm not a confident driver, so I'm better off driving something smaller at first.

Who knows, I might find a van that's tall and wouldn't need much done to it for me to sleep in, but I'm not going to limit my search to that.  I'm not sure I want to do this f/t, either. But I thank you for your advice!

RE: Tentative plans - feedback & advice welcome - ckelly78z - 06-29-2019

Your budget will ultimately dictate which vehicle to buy. It sounds like you have a lot of work to get done over the next month. I recommended an older conversion van earlier today on the is forum, and I will stand by that vehicle as a good start for you as well.

This is in a local CL , is roomy, low budget, should have plenty of life left, and easy to fix;

RE: Tentative plans - feedback & advice welcome - travelaround - 06-29-2019

Hi there, welcome back to the forum. I hope you'll be able to fulfill your dreams and find the best possible future home. I don't like to give advice, but the only thing that stands out to me is that you want to sell everything. I guess you think you need the money? I just gave away most of my furniture today. It was easy, out the door, and blessed some people I like and care about. Glad that's over. Like you I have a lot of little things to take care of as well. Most things will be given away. The rest will clutter my van until I can part with them. Since I don't like clutter much, I will have to give things away quickly. Selling (for me) is too much work for too little return. And storage units are a money pit. I'd spend more to store things than they are worth. The only solution, for me, is to give things away or toss them if they don't fit into the van, and to do that as quickly as possible!

RE: Tentative plans - feedback & advice welcome - RoamerRV428 - 06-30-2019

sounds like you want something smaller to live in between the new location and job....thing is unless you have a known job and in that smaller vehicle could be a lot longer than you think Smile

smaller SUV and tent situation sounds best I guess.

best of luck to you!!

RE: Tentative plans - feedback & advice welcome - WanderingRose - 06-30-2019

I’m concerned you have never owned a vehicle before, and are looking to purchase one, rid yourself of most possessions, and move into it yet are not sure you want to live in a vehicle full time.

All in a month or so.

Once you part with your cash for the vehicle, you will be out that and unlikely to recover the same amount from it if you decide to sell. It also doesn’t sound like you have the ongoing income to manage repairs, which can be costly and come quickly.

Think carefully, maybe proceed with downsizing and try perhaps a sleeping room for a time before spending the money on a vehicle.

This will give you an opportunity to adjust to less living space, you can rent something for a few days at a time and get a feel for it all before making a big jump.

Good luck to you.

RE: Tentative plans - feedback & advice welcome - jeanmarie - 06-30-2019

Your post is short on details. How old are you? Do you need to continue working? Does your job, if needed, require special clothing? Do you have friends or family to use as a mailing address or to count on in a pinch? How is your health? Too much unknown, here.

RE: Tentative plans - feedback & advice welcome - tx2sturgis - 06-30-2019

Hello City Woman, 

If memory serves you are involved in video editing or video production or something similar, or have been in the past...

I assume you can keep doing this (or similar) work remotely even if that means sitting in a library, a McDonalds or a Starbucks.

I agree with travelaround....(and yes, I agree with HDR for once!) unit rental will eat up some money....before you know it, a year has gone by and you have shelled out $500-$1000 (or more) and the stuff in storage is probably not worth that, (now you have paid TWICE for stuff you don't need and don't want) plus, if it's a cheap place with little or no security, break-ins can and do happen.

Twenty five years ago, I paid monthly storage fees on a large unit for FOUR years, but that was a situation that made sense at the time (I also used the unit as my motorcycle garage and workshop) but of course now, looking back, a lot of that stuff was not worth keeping, and I ended up giving a lot of it away or tossing it in a dumpster.

I would not recommend a truck and camper shell for a woman just starting out in camping, but I think your plans for a smaller, easier to drive mini-van or smaller SUV make sense, and a basic 'ladies auto maintenance' class is a good idea. Yes, they do have those in some areas. Or, if you know any trust-worthy, knowledgeable, 'car-guys' at work or wherever, they might help you with some basics.

I personally would not want to be stuck, urban camping in NYC....if you can do your work online, get the heck outta there, because the USA is a big, wonderful place!

Good luck!