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Prairie dog treasure... - slow2day - 07-01-2019


I'm at a WM in Bozeman and on my way to toss away a bag of trash, I spotted this $20 bill laying on the ground. It was right next to a prairie dog hole in a grassy area next to the parking lot.

At first I thought it was some kind of a setup. Grab the bill and get bitten. Or a rattler would strike. Silly, right?

But I did think it was a little odd that it was laying there right at the entrance.

Do prairie dogs act like pack rats sometimes?

Anyways, I'm $20 richer this morning.

Prairie dog treasure... - AMGS3 - 07-01-2019

Some poor prairie dog is out putting up fliers looking for his nestegg. Lol

Nice find!


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RE: Prairie dog treasure... - highdesertranger - 07-01-2019

you took his beer money, either that or his pizza money. LOL. seriously congrats. highdesertranger

RE: Prairie dog treasure... - slow2day - 07-01-2019

(07-01-2019, 01:25 PM)gsfish Wrote:  Good Karma.

Yes and to keep on the good side of that I decided to share the wealth a litttle. On the way out of the lot I gave a panhandler $3.

Still plenty left for a pizza and a couple beers,HDR. Sorry Mr. Prairie Dog.

RE: Prairie dog treasure... - lenny flank - 07-01-2019

Ohhhh, that poor prairie dog was saving up for MONTHS. Tee hee hee.

RE: Prairie dog treasure... - RoamerRV428 - 07-02-2019

very cool, I love love love finding money on the ground Smile

Mr Prarie Dog is tiffed tho, that was his rum money for the week!

RE: Prairie dog treasure... - MaTaLa - 07-02-2019

Did ya leave him something as a token of gratitude?

RE: Prairie dog treasure... - Kaylee - 07-02-2019

Did you actually see a prairie dog, or did you guess that was who lived in that hole?

Prairie Dogs are on my list of critters I'd like to see, so I welcome info about reliable places to see them. Smile

P.S. GeekPoint if you post a picture of the pizza. Big Grin

RE: Prairie dog treasure... - MrNoodly - 07-02-2019

It had the welcome mat out for ya.

RE: Prairie dog treasure... - RoamerRV428 - 07-03-2019

ut oh, she stole the welcome mat!!