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RE: Prairie dog treasure... - slow2day - 07-04-2019

(07-03-2019, 08:36 AM)highdesertranger Wrote:  I think there is a song in this story. highdesertranger

How about, "Twenties From Heaven"...

RE: Prairie dog treasure... - slow2day - 07-04-2019



RE: Prairie dog treasure... - Gr8ful - 07-04-2019

That dollar may cost you alot more. Prairie dogs carry nasty diseiaes & he probably walkefon, urinated on,sat on that bill. Here's a short link to just one or two of the things you can catch.
In another thread they're worried about catching things doing laundry. At the same time I had ostiomyaalitis, sepses & the worst kind of MRSA. Thought I was going to die & felt so bad I didn't care. They couldn't cure the MRSA until I had 6 weeks of oxygen tank theropy & used the strongest intibiotic made for longer than anyone but I found the have a canine MRSA cure & took also. It used to tell about it on Wikipedia but like a lot of things they took it down. There's some bad things out there so please be careful.

RE: Prairie dog treasure... - slow2day - 07-11-2019

Well, there you go. You can ask about every folding bill....where has it been? Some pretty rotten places, that's for sure!

As windy as it was around that area, I doubt that it had been there long enough for the dog to really foul it up that much.

I'm not really a germophobe but I did clean that $20 with Purell after picking it

Actually, I have been aware of what those critters can carry for quite some time since I used to live in northern New Mexico, so your warning is spot on.

Makes me rethink my plans to spend part of the summer at NM state parks located up by Colorado.

RE: Prairie dog treasure... - Weldman - 07-16-2019

Plenty out here towards Miles City off Moon Creek rd exit about 15 miles in can’t miss them. Had one who dug a hole in the middle of the road and everyday I came barreling down the road he would run back to his hole I would aim for him and he would shake his little butt at me and dive at last second. Or he would just poke his head up and wait to dive at the last second.
Don’t know what happened to him just one day stopped appearing, think he got smart and moved...