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Vedauwoo camphost rig - slow2day - 07-16-2019


This is the rig that one of the camphosts uses at Vedauwoo campground in Wyoming.  They host the section of the CG that is for smaller vehicles and tents. There is another section for large motorhomes/trailers and the host there had a big Class A.

Thought I'd post this because sometimes people have questions about what kind of rig is needed for a position as a camphost.

PS: I don't know what kind of tow vehicle they had.

RE: Vedauwoo camphost rig - tx2sturgis - 07-16-2019

I was in a campground in eastern New Mexico a few weeks ago and the camp host had a small converted cargo trailer style camper. He was a very gracious host and kept up with his duties around the vacant (and recently vacated) spots...and we visited for awhile. 

Seems to me the size or style of the rig is much less important than the integrity of the host.

In other words, don't judge a book by it's cover!


(not directed at the OP, just at others who might see it differently)