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Landrover re-configure Landrover re-configure cookie-jar washing machine... - Leaky roof - 07-17-2019

BACKGROUND...  (I’ve done some posting’s on the forum conversions and modifications about my project)

So post shakedow, and tweeking some of the things that where not that great, and re-organising my clothing storage (from a backpack to a 3 draw plastic draw unit on the passenger seat & facing the door) , The idea's great <I don't have to rummage through stuff> but I can’t see my off side rear-view mirror.

One of the options is to remove 1 of the draws, which I did early yesterday evening and that’s great I can now see out of my off side rear-view mirror.

BUT... <Alway's a darn but>.....

Now there's another problem.... 

Although the draws are quite deep,  2 draws is just not enough to hold enough clothing for me to go away for 15 – 20 days, come back and do all the laundry Huh

So...  Option 1

I have to cut down drastically, kinda to 3 “T”’s;  3 shorts;  1 denim type of list, and do laundry on the road, and that brings me to my portable washing machine

Born back in the day’s when I used to take my rubber-duck (Dilly-duck, A 3.5M yellow & grey Impact semi-rigid with high-jacker’s and a 40Hp Suped-up Suzuki Tiller arm) out to sea, <up to 1 nautical mile>, my washing machine was my capsize container..... Yellow  with a red lid, about the size of a 4gallon plastic container>

Man that worked like a bomb!

Put the clothing in, some suds, some water, strap it on the roof-rack and forget about it

Next day, repeat for rinse, hang out wet, and that wrap’s it up... washing’s done! No effort at all.

Fast forward 20 years.... Same principal, different container....

Nowadays, I use a plastic cookie / sweet-jar, big enough for a “T” and a pair of socks /  boxer or a pair <or> shorts + socks... You get the picture, a small load...

Washing powder’s simply stored in a plastic bag inside the jar.

For the bigger stuff I use my daughter-in law....... Tongue 

Anyhow, who says it’s only ladies that can multi-task? How’s this... When I go poop, I just shake it all up and presto! Washing & pooping’s done!
And, no, I’m not going to show you pics of me pooping, but I will post pics of my washing machine...




SHOWN WITH A DRY "T" SHIRT Once wet the whole lot get's a lot smaller and then you can do the poop-shake... Big Grin


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