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RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - maki2 - 07-19-2019

just use them in a breakfast taco with lots of salsa to disguise the taste and refried beans to disguise the texture.

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - BrigidBlueMoon - 07-19-2019

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

My Grandma use to mash them up with a fork and fix it like tuna sandwiches.  Also good if you have a way to make toast..  Split them in half long ways and fry them up to go with eggs.  

Good Luck !!!

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - Kaylee - 07-20-2019

Brigid: eggs! Perfect-o-mundo! That should have occurred to me - thanks! Smile

That's why I asked:
to find out "obvious" (to others) ways people are really eating these things. Smile

Did find (and buy) a can of the BBQ, and will probably try that next week. On my way "Home" tonight, may pop in & buy one can of the non-BBQ and try that with scrambled eggs.

This morning, scored some real sausages (very nice Italian but barely spicy) on sale for cheaper than Vienna fake sausages, and am eating them exclusively before my ice melts. Smile
Now I'm planning to eat the last one with eggs, tomorrow. Smile

Toast is always an excellent idea!
I've had decent success grilling my bread items using a regular fry pan.
Forum MasterToaster "Abnorm" (aka Doug) has educated me that using a frypan constitues grilling, not toasting, however the results are mostly indistinguishable, so I'm OK with it. It's easiest with bagels & English muffins, since only one side is cooked. Smile

Will report back next week.

P.S. Brigid: welcome to the forums & please post more! Smile
Just read your intro, now.

Please consider trying some road trips in your existing vehicle, before investing in something new.
You'll learn a ton that way, and have a much better idea what type of vehicle will fit you long term. Smile

Practicing Road cooking is a great area to get your feet wet, and the most fun Beginner task (The Poop Bucket is the least fun). Smile
You can do a pretty good job of simulating road limitations, without spending any money.
Free is even better than cheap. Smile
When I started planning a year & a half ago, I already had a ton of motel room & fridgeless cooking experience (I'd been a non-dweller Nomad for more than two decades, doing IT contracts around the country). Re-thinking & experimenting to an environment with less limitations was a ton of fun.

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - lenny flank - 07-20-2019

Never liked Vienna sausages.

I do have a fondness for Underwood Deviled Ham, though. Smile

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - Kaylee - 07-20-2019

Ditto! Smile though I'd prefer it less salty.
Even bought in bulk, it's still much more expensive:

I'm disabled with zero income, and years away from retirement income, so frugal eating isn't a choice or game, it's the only way to extend my remaining savings.
I've already cut out internet, most showers, and (The Big Thing) summer travel to a better climate. Eating fake hot dogs is easy, in comparison. Big Grin

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - XERTYX - 07-21-2019

Kaylee if you're on SSI or SSDI disability benefits you should qualify for SNAP food stamps. That helps a lot but most states reduce the dollar value of your monthly food stamps benefits based on your disability check.

I havent applied for food stamps since I got My SSI approval but the calculator on my states food stamp website says I'd only qualify for about $23 a month in food stamps. I used to get $196 before I got my disability check. $23 isnt much but that's 92 packs of ramen noodles a month Tongue

Also your local Dept of Family and Children Services or whatever your state calls it may have a form for you to fill out so that the state pays for your Medicare premiums if your check is below I believe $1600 per month.

These 2 things combined might help you eat a little better. Maybe you can buy hotdogs instead of Vienna sausages a few days of the month.

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - Kaylee - 07-21-2019

XERTYX: thanks! Smile
Both for your support & honest backstory. Smile

JD Gumbee insisted I try applying for SSDI, and I did do enough research to confirm that I would have qualified if I had applied at the time of my disabling accident.

The accident was more than 13 years ago.
Unfortunately, I chose to be "responsible" and live on my savings - it never occurred to me to apply for any assistance, and I'd never known anyone on SSDI, so it just wasn't in my cultural frame of reference.

After the first 3 years, I was able to work, however I still have sensory hyper sensitivity issues.
In theory, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to make "reasonable accommodation", however the reality is that it's all but useless. In most of my post accident contracts, I've excelled at my work but done so by coming in during quieter off hours. Then, as soon as I've finished the core part, they've told me I have to be there strictly during "normal" hours. Crash & burn. Sad
My last contract was particularly depressing: I created a solution that all of the other programmers classified as "brilliant", but one of the key managers threw a hissy fit when he found out I was working on weekends & at night.

When I asked for advice here, the forum consensus was that I should not waste my time & energy applying for SSDI. Sad
There's two locked threads on that, if you're curious.

My priority right now is to finish the most important components of my life's work.
That's my legacy, and working on it is my Bliss. Smile

Eating vienna sausages is a small sacrifice for the privilege of doing that Work. Big Grin

The problem with "real" hot dogs is refrigeration.

Should have mentioned:
The place where I'm getting (legal) free wifi, has a neighbor who grils.
Oh Dang is the aroma awesomely overwhelming!!!
Every time it happens I get hot dog & cheeseburger cravings. Smile
That's what inspired my quest to investigate Vienna sausages. I'd never tried frying them, but will. Smile

Seriously folks, as long as I can do my Work, I'm ok. Now that I live in a van on public land, I have Quiet, and I just completed a major release of one of my most publicly important projects. That feels awesome. Smile
I consider it a fun challenge to find frugal food. Smile

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - XERTYX - 07-21-2019

I wasnt aware that there were closed threads on the topic. In my case I had to hire a lawyer. The nice thing about that is that you dont pay anything if you lose and the lawyer gets 20% up to a maximum of $6K from your back pay which is capped at 2 years back pay. It took me nearly 3 years but I did get approved finally. It's my understanding that when you became disabled is irrelevant. The judge will determine whether or not you are fit for work. Or if there are jobs that you could perform with reasonable accommodations.

But anyway I'm glad you are happy. I hope that you find the best solution for your situation. And I hope also that the Vienna sausages work well for you.

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - Kaylee - 07-21-2019

Thanks for your kind support! Smile

Yeah, I just can't gamble years of stress, which would dramatically interfere with my ability to complete my volunteer work.
If there was an organization that would shoulder the burden, it could be worthwhile, but nobody (including JD) was able to come up with even a single one.

Plus, being life-limited, means I don't have to worry about silly nutritional stuff. Big Grin
During my recent stock up trip, I found bacon bits at a sane price. More per ounce than Vienna Ss, but very frugal when used in moderation with eggs. Smile

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - XERTYX - 07-21-2019

I dont know where you are located but kroger (Ralph's I believe on the west coast) sells their own store brand of "real bacon bits" in a resealable 3oz package for $1.49 they look sort of like shredded bacon. Similar to that shredded beef jerky that comes in a tin like Copenhagen does.

I've never used it in eggs but it's good with salads and VERY tasty stirred into mac and cheese. Chop some onions and boil them in the pasta water with the noodles. Drain the water off. Make the sauce the same as you normally would and stir in some bacon bits. A darn fine meal for cheap.

The only thing is once opened it needs refrigeration. Although I'd gamble with it out of refrigeration for a day or 3. I have before.