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RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - Kaylee - 07-21-2019

Yes, bacon bits have so much "bang", they're worth the apparent high price. Smile

My last bag lasted 17 days without refrigeration. Smile
I intentionally stress tested it, and had zero problems.

Another darn-fine-meal-for-cheap is "loaded" hashbrowns. Just add bacon bits & cheese at the end. I'll post pics, soon. Smile

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - Kaylee - 08-02-2019

(07-21-2019, 01:21 PM)XERTYX Wrote:  I've never used it in eggs but it's good with salads and VERY tasty stirred into mac and cheese. Chop some onions and boil them in the pasta water with the noodles. Drain the water off. Make the sauce the same as you normally would and stir in some bacon bits. A darn fine meal for cheap.
Apparently you missed my post about mac&cheese "deluxe" with SPAM & onions:
Warning: it has really good porn. Wink

Did two cans (both "plain") last week.

First can, split into two identical meals (because I had ice).
Fried half a can, then added eggs, scrambled 'em, and ate with potato salad (for $2 had bought a one pound container - cuz I had ice).
Not as aromatic as I was hoping, but pretty good. Thanks for pointing that out BrigidBlueMoon! Smile

Second can, made one big meal (was out of ice by then).
Fried entire can, then poured in the "juice", then added potato flakes alternating with water, until it was the right consistency. Topped it off with cheese, and ate a slice of whole grain bread with it.
Pretty good - I had lower Aroma Therapy expectations. Smile

Once or twice per week feels about right, recipe fatigue wise.

Next week, will probably try the BBQ with pasta.

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - XERTYX - 08-04-2019

Awesome! I just bought 2 cans of bbq flavor to try and make a recipe. I was walking thru the canned meat isle and was like OH YEAH. I said I'd try to fry some. XD

I'm thinking of frying them and making rice with them in as "sausages".

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - Kaylee - 08-04-2019

Ohhhh, rice!!! Another great suggestion! Smile
I'm pretty sure I still have some precooked/instant rice, and definitely have one 5-ish year old #10 can, so will dig some up and try it.

Please do post your results. Smile
Also, please have low expectations of the frying aroma. It was "ok", but not as good as the real sausages I'd scored a week before ($1.50 for 14 oz, they were a few days away from "best before" but were still superb).

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - XERTYX - 08-05-2019

Yeah I doubt theyll have a great aroma but as they are bbq flavor I'm hoping for some caramelization and then deglaze the pan with some water and add that and the bbq juice to the rice and make like a bbq rice meal. I'm still thinking on this one. It'll give me a reason to try my new rice cooker. I dont think I still have the recipe I concocted for the best spanish rice you've ever tasted. I'm planning on retrying that recipe. I think I remember what all I put in it.

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - gsfish - 08-05-2019

This one isn't too bad.


RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - highdesertranger - 08-05-2019

yum, just the other day I said to myself I would sure love me some Pork Spleen. highdesertranger

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - XERTYX - 08-06-2019

Haha. Never seen one with spleens. I thought spleens were inedible. Even the Indians had trouble using all of the deer organs. I think it was spleens that some tribes fermented to make a poison.

Sounds extra tasty.

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - Kaylee - 08-06-2019

Is that a real or fake label/can?
If real, perhaps someone could research further. Spleens & stomachs aren't listed on the cans I bought. Other stuff is.

I was about to ask what "mechanically separated chicken" is (versus just plain "chicken"), and instead web searched it:
Quote:According to the USDA, “Mechanically separated poultry (MSP) is a paste-like and batter-like poultry product produced by forcing bones, with attached edible tissue, through a sieve or similar device under high pressure to separate bone from the edible tissue,” which is then treated with a small amount of ammonium hydroxide as an anti-microbial agent. The definition of “edible tissue” is stretching it a bit here; it essentially refers to anything left on the bones, including nerves, blood vessels, cartilage, and skin, as well as a small amount of meat. The resulting product is essentially the poultry equivalent of “lean finely textured beef” also known as “pink slime,”
Source (first Google hit, same content at the next site, but I stopped looking after those):

I recall an episode of Jamie Kennedy's "Food Revolution" (a TV series where the chef tries to help reform school lunch programs in the USA), where he described how chicken nuggets are made, and really railed against it.
Sounds like the above.
He never gave a science based argument against it. His arguments were purely emotional (IMO).

To be fair, when the "pink slime" hysteria hit, I recall some (PBS Newshour probably) interviews with not-stupids who did show that there was a large element of fear-mongering.

I don't know who to believe.
I eat SPAM and there's lots of hand-waving hysterics bashing it.
Bottom line: it's shelf stable, and cheap, which matches my current criteria, so I'll continue to eat it, occasionally.

XERTYX: I look forward to the results of your experiments. Smile

RE: recipe challenge: Vienna Sausages for the fridgeless :) - XERTYX - 08-06-2019

I'm pretty sure that's a real label. Prairie belt I think is the brand of smoked Vienna sausages with the smiling boys face on the label. I've never tried those as if I recall they are about triple the price. Spleens must be expensive. XD

I tried using my rice cooker this morning and had a good meal. More experiments with it to come. Including the fried Vienna's. My first test was flying kielbasa in it then adding in red beans and rice mix. I knew they can be used to cook other things. I'll fry the non hotdogs up in it soon.