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The nerve - slow2day - 07-20-2019

The Walton family shares a Walmart fortune of $163 billion.

Reflect on that the next time you are asked at one of the Scan and Go checkout machines for a contribution.

RE: The nerve - wayne49 - 07-20-2019

The last time that came up, I had used a human operated checkout. I replied, "Mrs. Walton can use some of her billions to save the World."
The underpaid register operator quietly moved on.
When self checking out I uttered that comment while facing the camera.
I have not seen a request for donations come up since that time. Not implying that it was stopped by my comment. I had gone off to camping far from a Walmart.

RE: The nerve - B and C - 07-20-2019

Feel free to take your business elsewhere, that is what is great about the free market.

Because they built a good business model and have succeeded, they are not supposed to cut expenses where they can to help remain competitive?

RE: The nerve - Wabbit - 07-20-2019

(07-20-2019, 02:34 PM)B and C Wrote:  ...Because they built a good business model and have succeeded, they are not supposed to cut expenses where they can to help remain competitive?...

I don't understand this, the "cut expenses" part. Unless you are referring to a prob huge charity tax write off? Customers money, but Walmart gets the tax write off?

RE: The nerve - B and C - 07-20-2019

I was referring to the self checkout referenced in post 1.  No human so no wages, just a machine to maintain.

Edit to add:  Maybe I missed the point and the Walton family was supposed to give most of it to charity because they are too rich.  It depends on who's shoes your in about rich.  I am sure I seem rich to a lot of people less well off than me.  I guess that makes me bad cause I don't give it away.  I am sure they play the charity game at a much higher level that I ever did.  Sometimes it is cheaper to give to a charity to get a bigger tax break.

So, am I still missing the point?

RE: The nerve - Wabbit - 07-20-2019

(07-20-2019, 06:51 PM)B and C Wrote:  ...So, am I still missing the point?...

No idea. I don't like the feeling I get when I say no to their request. If it didn't feel so shady, I wouldn't mind, but they know what they are doing by putting you on the spot.

As to you being bad because you don't give yours away, that sounds like guilt talking. No one has to give anyone anything. Guilt stinks, I try not to practice it.

Plus, at the end of the day, there's way better reasons for people to think you're bad.... 8-)

RE: The nerve - B and C - 07-20-2019

No guilt here. I have always given charitably. Am I bad was more asking the person doing the judging, not me. What I don't like is being forced to provide through my taxes for stuff I don't support but that is not a topic for here.

What charity they are asking for at the checkout has a lot to do with my answer. I don't feel bad when it is something I don't support but will generally throw a buck at ones I like.

RE: The nerve - Wabbit - 07-20-2019

I musta missed the judging comment part.

RE: The nerve - B and C - 07-20-2019

Yep, meaning is sometimes hard to get across the internet. "Makes me bad(?)" calls for a judgement by the reader I thought. I am not the world's greatest at expressing myself by a long shot.

RE: The nerve - RoamerRV428 - 07-21-2019

the 2 don't go hand in hand in my book

Walmart made their fortune as did a million other monster huge profit business. they give a ton to charity also.

is it wrong for a charity to team up with a mega corp and be on a register that asks for a donation to say, military vets? or any other charity situation? no I don't think so.

the best is you have a way out easily, just tap no on the screen to the donation and move on Smile