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SD, FL, etc Residencies and Banking Addresses - bf2142sam - 07-23-2019

[*]I think bob wells talked about the tricks to getting residency to claim state domicile for drivers license purpose, but I wasn't sure about the banking situation, especially business banking accounts.

I'd prefer to avoid family address in my home state, since I'm trying to relocate my tax residency and driver id as well, and to avoid negating the point of me having a wyoming llc. I don't want any lawsuits trying to use texas law or texas claimin taxes on it. I probably need a wyoming address.I know some of you rent a rv lot for a month to do the trick he talks about and move on, but is such a temporary trick really ideal for a bank, since it will be a non valid address, it really needs to be a permanent address. Any ideas?

[*]Well I deal with cryptocurrencies and finance. I have concerns regarding inside and outside liability to my operations. Wyoming is basically the best state to incorporate in this regard, so ideally if I could find the equivalent of an american mailbox registered agaent in Wyoming, And get a bank. Normally patriot act doesn;'t allow those types of address so I'm not sure how you folks are sneaking by. I would love to , but I need to figure out what it is that makes some bank more lenient, maybe its how American mailboxes is set up. If I use a Texas or NY address presumably relative, I open myself up to Texas and NY liability, and NY is nasty, Texas is tax heavier and it could affect the benefit from Wyoming statute, it opens up legal doubt.

 I mean would a bank really take the address of a camp ground you stayed at one night? Often they want proof of residence,.

RE: SD, FL, etc Residencies and Banking Addresses - B and C - 07-23-2019

I can't speak to residency as I have a S&B in Texas. Texas has no income taxes but not sure what the business tax stuff is like. Wyoming has an income tax. No more info.

Oh and welcome. You might want to go to the newcomers corner and make a thread to introduce yourself.

RE: SD, FL, etc Residencies and Banking Addresses - wayne49 - 07-23-2019

Financial institutions just want to cover their asses as far as paperwork goes.
They want profits. Profits come from opening new accounts and maintaining existing accounts.
Supply a physical address that is reasonable. Your mailing address can be different.
Financial institutions are NOT the DMV. DMV is not profit driven. Issuing or denying a DL means nothing to a DMV employee.
It was more difficult to deal in person with the DMV droid in Pahrump, than my financial institutions on the East coast.
I hear that tech droid has pix of dogs in her cubicle, if you pretend to care and tell her they're cute, she'll smile and take care of you. For me I doubt that will work.

RE: SD, FL, etc Residencies and Banking Addresses - B and C - 07-23-2019

A bank should take as your address whatever is on your driver's license.

RE: SD, FL, etc Residencies and Banking Addresses - Matildas mate - 07-23-2019

I’ve had a Texas address and mail forwarding with Escapees for a couple of years before traveling full time and a South Dakota address (also through Escapees) for matters associated with my SD domicile - vehicle registration, driver license, voter registration and vehicle insurance - all since hitting the road five months ago. All my banking, credit cards, etc use my Texas address.