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RE: No BLM out east, but how about TVA? - ORANGE - 08-06-2019

Wow Cammalu!

Basic and Dispersed Camping
You may camp almost anywhere in Land Between the Lakes. A Basic Camping Permit is required for each person 18 and over when camping in Basic Camping Facilities. A Dispersed Camping Permit is required when camping in non-designated areas of the recreation area. Both permits currently cost $30 for annual permit and $7 for a three day permit and can be purchased online or any of our facilities.

I saw NO maximum stay. So 30 bucks live all year vanning?

Yes summer is hot and humid. What about fall winter spring? It is not severe weather. And Fall is right around the corner!!!

RE: No BLM out east, but how about TVA? - Riverman - 08-06-2019

What a deal... sounds like to me you can just pull over and camp anywhere up there. We will have to go check it out. Thanks for the info.

How about a fall gathering there? I will go find a good spot to camp.

RE: No BLM out east, but how about TVA? - bullfrog - 08-06-2019

I lived in Kentucky and Arkansas for several years without air conditioning. Yes it is very uncomfortable for anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months especially at night. The shotgun house design and screens (as bugs are more of an issue for me than heat) create a natural breeze, so fans and good ventilation have always been a good idea. A good stiff night cap helps you get to sleep. Woods are cooler than pavement so avoid it if possible. I would hate to think people have gotten to the point they think they would not enjoy being and living outdoors and happier staying indoors in air conditioning most of their lives.

RE: No BLM out east, but how about TVA? - Elbear1 - 08-06-2019

Ive stayed at tip top of cherohala skyway (~6300ft) in july. Its nothing like being in the western mountains. Its definitely cooler but nowhere near enough. You need like 9k in peak heat.

I have stayed a week or so at TVA boat ramps around the pisgah and nantahala areas. Its fairly busy in those areas being adjacent to the smokies. But theres something special about the whole region from asheville/durham and the AT trail system.

RE: No BLM out east, but how about TVA? - RoamerRV428 - 08-07-2019

might check out site. you never know when ya might want to move around and find a few free safe places to stay. just another resource for ya.

No BLM out east, but how about TVA? - Cammalu - 08-07-2019

Orange and Riverman.

I’m up for a fall gathering. That would be fun! I have a friend that used to camp there a lot on dispersed land. I’ll ask her where she camped. If I recall correctly it was on the water and there was a pit toilet and maybe a spigot for water but I’m not sure.

I’ll text her.

Land between the lakes is a gorgeous area.

Course if you get thru my area (near Beaver Dam, KY) I’ve got a nice little camping spot on my property. I get visitors on occasion coming thru the area

No BLM out east, but how about TVA? - Cammalu - 08-07-2019

Talked to my friend and she said this:

“I liked Nickell Branch and Taylor Bay. They have pit toilets. You have to get an annual pass about $25 per person. I get pass and water and free dump at the north visitor station.”

RE: No BLM out east, but how about TVA? - Riverman - 08-07-2019

Thanks for the info... Looks like the annual pass is $30 now, but what a deal for a year. Bet I could even do some fishing there.

RE: No BLM out east, but how about TVA? - IGBT - 08-07-2019

We stayed for two weeks on the Cumberland river in TN and damn if that wasn't the perfect location (this was mid September 2016).

We had our little sailboat and pulled it right up to the shore.   I want to go back.


RE: No BLM out east, but how about TVA? - jim solo - 08-07-2019

I never thought of TVA land. I'm just up the road from Bristol Va about 50 miles.. Thanks you all for this info.
Look like an area I can learn more about boon docking, and get the hang of it. ORANGE, I'm glad you started
this thread, If any of you get up by Atkins,Va give me a shout or PM me. I'll put up a fire and get the coffee

Now I got some researching to do.