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RE: Sit, Stay, Good Girl/Boy! 14 days of poop - ORANGE - 08-08-2019

Thanks maki2.

The link only was black. But I went to the website and read the 2 can. Easy as 1 2 pee info. It says put some organic matter over the poo and put a lid.
That 4-6 oz of poo a day make me think that 5 gallon bucket is much too BIG. It is mainly a height comfort for folks. But I can do much smaller.

Yesterday everywhere I shopped didnt have like 3.5 gallon as that is the smallest the gamma lid will fit on. So I will have to search the internet and plunk (ha ha ) down the money for one.

Still in search for porta potti chemicals in the bucket method.

RE: Sit, Stay, Good Girl/Boy! 14 days of poop - ORANGE - 08-08-2019

Those sized buckets are 20-30ish on amazon.

Ill sit and stay with $1 bucket.

RE: Sit, Stay, Good Girl/Boy! 14 days of poop - Spaceman Spiff - 08-08-2019

Ask at a bakery.  They use a lot of them and throw the things away.  

They are not UV resistant so if kept out in the sun will get brittle after about a year; don't know about the ones you buy at a big box store or Amazon.

RE: Sit, Stay, Good Girl/Boy! 14 days of poop - Kaylee - 08-13-2019

Bravo for buying the retired Walmart buckets! I have not yet had the guts to ask at the closest grocery store's bakery, and it's been on my ToDo List for months. Smile

I know you're all raring to go, but take a second to step back & take inventory...
You've got A Bucket.
You've got garbage bags.
You've got something to pee in, and store the liquid temporarily.
It's not perfect, but it's good enough to do a short test run. After that, you'll have a better feel for what worked for you, and what you did not like. Smile

During my "feasibility phase", I consciously decided to camp close enough (within one mile) to public vault toilets so that I could use them for, um, poop.
I did buy A Bucket & garbage bags just-in-case.
I also had a pee cup & laundry jug because I knew it would be impractical to shuttle back-and-forth for that. I'm typically fairly regular, so was confident I'd probably be ok with that, to start.

Everyone's different, so that may not work for you.
If you've tested the bucket and it's "adequate", I suggest sticking with it for at least your first trip. Smile

RE: Sit, Stay, Good Girl/Boy! 14 days of poop - Dingfelder - 08-17-2019

(08-06-2019, 02:18 PM)lenny flank Wrote:  This is vital to remember. Pee has lots of nitrates. Poop has lots of bacteria. For bacteria, "nitrates" = "food". So when pee mixes with poop, the bacteria have a never-ending party, and do what bacteria do. Pew.

Liquid can also surround stuff and make for anaerobic conditions.  Those are the ones the stinkiest stuff likes.  Plus urine smells way worse than poop after a couple of days.  That combo makes keeping urine mixed with your poop a really bad idea IMO.

RE: Sit, Stay, Good Girl/Boy! 14 days of poop - Dingfelder - 08-17-2019

(08-06-2019, 02:45 PM)ORANGE Wrote:  OH WAIT better thought,  Ill get one of those folding toilet chair things, and then make a diverter out of that  That would be easier, cuz  the bag can be pulled away from the front, still be held in good, then the funnel diverter going out the front to a hard container.

I use this:

and like it a lot.  I used it at over 220 lbs.  It's a little short, but that's actually good because that helps you poop.  Anyway quite sturdy, light, and folds away to just a couple inches thick at most.  Easy to slip behind or under something. A very space-conserving solution.

I like to use big bags, though.  13 gallon.  With a small bag, if any toilet paper gets caught on the side of the bag, it can be there to greet you when you plunge in for the next wipe.  NOT pleasant.  I also like to use decent quality bags.  The cheap ones are REALLY cheap and I've seen them leak.  They are easier to tear or overstretch at the top, too.  I also like to use a cheap bag on the outside of the better bag, just in case. A leak is not acceptable.  I have also use a dollar store bin below the bags, just in case.  It may sound like overkill, but it only costs a buck for the peace of mind.  You can put the bag in the bin and seal it afterward, if you like.

I use kitty litter.  It doesn't help much.  Peeing elsewhere is absolutely vital, but sometimes both 1 and 2 come at once.  Oh well.  I try to pee before pooping just in case.  I'm a guy, so using a V8 bottle is easy for me, and the seal is very good.  The top is wider than a soda bottle, so you aren't likely to spray or mis-aim or whatever.

I find almost nothing stops it from stinking after a day or even a few hours.  You need a solid-walled container or to get it outside.  I have a big ammo box for that.  It can contain a week's poo.  After a week I throw all the daily bags into a bigger bag and then figure out what to do with it.

RE: Sit, Stay, Good Girl/Boy! 14 days of poop - Dingfelder - 08-17-2019

(08-07-2019, 01:44 AM)Matlock Wrote:  Maybe my nose is more sensitive than most but anything that goes into a plastic bag and is tied up and left in a plastic bucket with a sealed lid for even a day leaves a stench in that bucket for - ever. No amount of cleaning product of any kind, will remove the smell that has leached into a plastic bucket. The only containers I've been able to find that will not absorb an odor are either glass (ceramic) or metal.  So now I need to chase down a metal bucket with a screw-on lid.

Bleaching in natural sunlight seems to do it for my ammo box.  I think it might also have to do with the kind of plastic.

RE: Sit, Stay, Good Girl/Boy! 14 days of poop - CityWoman - 08-18-2019

FYI, about halfway down this page are details about one blogger's DIY separating toilet for her truck camper:  First I built a canopy camper

RE: Sit, Stay, Good Girl/Boy! 14 days of poop - WalkaboutTed - 08-21-2019

Sorry for late reply. Been out of cell range for a while. I have a super sensitive nose. When the shit bucket is used just once, the smell seems impregnated into the plastic. I give it a spray and whip of Lysol and then leave it and the seat in the sun for a day. Any odor is completely gone.

RE: Sit, Stay, Good Girl/Boy! 14 days of poop - Qxxx - 08-24-2019

There have been many threads on this in the past, and no perfect solutions it would seem.

I've not seen many people who actually admit to keeping their poop for 2 whole weeks. Maybe a couple here and there. Other than porta potti, the commonest seems to the bucket, 13 gal bag, and kitty litter method. Separate pee bottle. Toilet paper separated into a usual garbage bag. 

Huge contention however on how to dispose of the bag with kitty litter afterwards. I won't go into that, but you can look at past threads. Landfill or not? Search the forum using "kitty litter" in the search box. 10 people seem to have 10 different opinions on this. I think the most enlightened, albeit somewhat more costly, solution is to use poo powder rather than kitty litter. The poo powder jellifies the poop, and puts it into a state that most or all authorities consider is acceptable for tossing the bag straight into a dumpster ala landfill.

In regards bucket size, I went for the 2-gal paint bucket bought at Lowes for $3 or so. Very sturdy. I put it onto a plastic step to raise the height, and have one of those cheap plastic seats. I use kitty litter, but won't go into means of disposal of the bag, as I have one of the 10 different opinions. Have fun sorting it out. Tongue