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RE: Sit, Stay, Good Girl/Boy! 14 days of poop - cherterr - 09-09-2019

Gosh Kaylee now I'm all jealous! Cinnemon AND pre-assembled, ready to deploy pooh bags!!??

I actual thought about some pre assembly, but.. I dunno.. That would be like admitting I'm OLD or something!! ? I WILL go down living Dangerously. (Unless Im officially sick. In which case I would just be behaving irresponsibly! Ha hahaha)

RE: Sit, Stay, Good Girl/Boy! 14 days of poop - Kaylee - 09-09-2019

LOL again!!! Smile

After my very first van-poop-in-a-bucket, I immediately realized that life would be simpler if I always had a few bags all "ready to go".
I'm big on being lazy. Smile
Plus, to be honest, pooping-in-a-bucket is distressing enough, so every little bit (including pre-assembly & cinnamon!) helps. Smile

Since I can't find frugal unscented bags, the cinnamon & shavings also drown out the lemon scent (which seemed the least noxious smell, so I've been using them).
I'm hyper-sensitive to smells/etc, and genuinely do get a bit dizzy from even the mild lemon scent, so bulk prepping saves me some pain. I really should do one entire month's worth all at once. Smile

After I "dispose" of a full bag, I do a squirt of hand sanitizer, then usually pre-stage one of those bags in my bucket, just-in-case I need to "go" in a hurry (yeah, I'm middle aged, and occasionally get "the runs" - I'm with you there!).
After I've done everything, I do a final squirt of hand sanitizer, vigorously scrub, then rinse off with water from a reused mustard squirt container. Smile

RE: Sit, Stay, Good Girl/Boy! 14 days of poop - CityWoman - 09-10-2019

(09-09-2019, 05:12 PM)cherterr Wrote:  KISS.. Keep It Simple Stupid.  Seems to me this is a good rule of thumb for van dwelling toileting issues. Smile  (Not calling anyone's a saying.. and hopefully there aren't those sorts of easily offended snowflakes on HERE. Smile

Inspired by one of my junior high school teachers from many years ago, I always say, "Keep It Simple, Sweetie." I like that much better, it always makes me feel good to say it.