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Cook once eat twice. No cooler. - ORANGE - 08-10-2019

I give way too much thought perhaps, yet this is how Im going to eat vanning.  I DONT want to replicate life in sticks and bricks. 
 I can EAT a new way just like I can sleep a new way.

I got my 4 qt pressure cooker and GAS ONE duo and they are shiny beautiful!

What I want to do is have the same breakfast everyday.  Oats and Nuts.  Oats do not need cooking, they are already cooked. 

But I only want to cook ONCE.  So what I thought is to pressure cook a super LARGE meal.  Large because I want to have good food awaiting so I dont junk snack because it is easier because food isnt there. Large enough that I will likely throw some food away every day. Why? So I dont junk snack lol. I think vanning lends itself to a disciplined life, which is great for weightloss.

So I want to put half in a Thermos or other brand type of container.  OR should I use a tiny cooler to keep the tupperware of food in?

Or does none of that matter?  Should I just put the 2nd meal in tupperware and not care about it "resting" for 4 or more hours? Whether it is hot or cold in the van. Of course 2nd meal is always dinner, not keeping overnight. Though Id soak oats/nuts b4 bed.

RE: Cook once eat twice. No cooler. - Spaceman Spiff - 08-10-2019

Add an insulated bag for your pressure cooker and you can have a warm meal 8 or more hours later.

RE: Cook once eat twice. No cooler. - ORANGE - 08-11-2019

Great! Thanks.

Noone has answered you are gonna die, you are gonna get botulism. So I will carry on with my plans.

I just saw this if you dont want to watch at the left just below the video you can read transcript.

What an UPWARD SPIRAL! Getting the up mood from nature combined with not eating junk but LOTS of fruits and vegetables.

Sounds expensive but I plan to do it as cheap as possible.
Sams club v8 cans around 50c a can that is 2 servings veggies
can of green beans around 50C a can that is 3 1/2 servings
small can of tomato sauce (most meals will have tomato sauce) 30 c 3.5 servings
Dried fruit prunes/apricots/raisons dont know if I can do the math. 38c for 1 serv

So 10 servings a day for 1.75 lets say 2 bucks that is some good medicine!! Especially if I never NEVER snack/ eat out.

But of course can ADD fresh no need for freezer/cooler like fresh potato, carrot anything slow to spoil. Carrots are a miracle I think. Carrots and potatos

Did you see my post about outdoors antidepressant last year?

I intend to feel as GREAT as someone with CFS can feel. Thats the plan Im pursueing

RE: Cook once eat twice. No cooler. - RoamerRV428 - 08-12-2019

This IS NOT an aggressive or whatever LOL post I am making to you Smile Smile Smile

but did ya ever go the other way?

Zero carb. Meat only. The amount of 'conditions' and 'med situations' others have gained from being a meat eater only (carnivore) and not having any grains or veg or fruit in their day is astounding!!

Thing is it can take those with troubles a lot longer to feel well and one must stick with eating meat only to fix themselves...sometimes not a shorter fix others want.....but just asking, did you ever consider that grains and fruits are killing ya vs. meat based proteins are a savior possibly? AGAIN just a chat Smile not a must do or anything else for that matter!!! just curious and throwing out some info for ya

Cook once eat twice. No cooler. - Cammalu - 08-12-2019

Roamer please come live near me. I need someone to spy on my eating habits with frequent scowls of disapproval. I’m round as a hippo

RE: Cook once eat twice. No cooler. - RoamerRV428 - 08-12-2019

hippo no joke is carbs Smile sugar in the body. the hardest thing is life is to let go of the sugar and girl we all are there on that one Smile Smile you need the brain to snap, that click to change if ya want it but seriously we are all so different in life on how we want to roll, what we will try etc that everyone's snap/click/change is just what it is Smile

Camm when I get out and free to roam I am roaming your way and YARCs way and we can live on BBQ til the some goes down for good lol.....between bacon sausage and eggs for brekkie, burgers, ribs, steaks, seafood for whenever thru our day, I tell ya we will eat so darn good it will scare ya all the while being thinner and happier and no bloaty in our bodies Smile Smile good way to live if ya ask me....took me a very long time to get here but once here, yea it works well LOL


RE: Cook once eat twice. No cooler. - highdesertranger - 08-12-2019

back in the day before refrigeration dishes that had a lot of water like stews and soups could be left in the pot they were cooked in for extended periods. the pot needs a rather tight fitting lid, after you eat put the lid back on and bring it up to a boil. then shut it down. do not open the lid until you reheat it(boil). you can do this for a couple of days. note do not over boil it or you end up with mush. highdesertranger

RE: Cook once eat twice. No cooler. - B and C - 08-12-2019

HDR - In my much younger days when I first moved out (at 16), the method you describe is what I had to do. Throw a new can of something in or some more stew meat and reheat it, reseal (as you stated) and set it on the stove top (burner not on). What is that old saying (song?), Peas porridge in the pot, 9 days old? LOL

RE: Cook once eat twice. No cooler. - XERTYX - 08-12-2019

I never did this without refrigeration but I would often make a roast or put a pork shoulder picnic in the crock pot with 2 big cans of italian cut green beans. Eat on that a few days and just add new things to the pot when the meat ran low.

Pork shoulder picnic and green beans makes a very flavorful meal and the juices that cook out make a fine base for a soup or stew. I'd just put the crock in the fridge and remove portions at a time to reheat. When there was only a lil pork and beans left I'd brown some hamburger meat and sautee onions and add back in with a couple of cans of baked beans and mixed veggies potatoes whatever and put the crock back in the crockpot and cook some more.

RE: Cook once eat twice. No cooler. - ORANGE - 08-12-2019

peas porridge hot
peas porridge cold
peas porridge in the pot 9 days old.

Yup glad to hear Im not gonna die. And yes ALL VEGAN because the worst bacteria is not coming from cooked plants. But letting meat/fish/dairy just sit there half a day makes me nervous.

I do eat flesh though.

And no way Roamer Tried low carb, tried Keto I do NOT adjust to it. Feel terrible no matter what I do electolytes, fasting before starting. Nope, not good.

Eskimos and Masai do it. But that is two. Can name huge civilizations that eat CARBS. Egyptians, how about Roman empire? China Japan on and on and on. Eastern Europe, Western Europe. North and South America.