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RE: Cook once eat twice. No cooler. - ORANGE - 08-12-2019

(08-12-2019, 08:13 AM)highdesertranger Wrote:  back in the day before refrigeration dishes that had a lot of water like stews and soups could be left in the pot they were cooked in for extended periods.  the pot needs a rather tight fitting lid,  after you eat put the lid back on and bring it up to a boil.  then shut it down.  do not open the lid until you reheat it(boil).  you can do this for a couple of days. note do not over boil it or you end up with mush.  highdesertranger

That is amazing you know that.  How old ARE you?   Blush

I was thinking about India Indians and how they traditionally cook and dont do leftovers.  Which in scorching hot India is sensible.   They have their dairy and ghee but pretty much they are grains beans veggies and fruit.  Guess I was looking to replicate that but to be lazy and only cook once, which I am happy that I can.

And I stayed at an Indian ladies house once and there was gonna be a celebration at her church.  And she made a massive amount of seasoned potatoes like diced/but dry seasonings, not wet curry sort of thing.  It was cooked and SAT there in her house for days before it was taken over.   That is when I thought 5 thousand years culinary tradition handed down they must know what they are doing.  Wink

RE: Cook once eat twice. No cooler. - highdesertranger - 08-12-2019

LOL I don't remember BF(before refrigeration) but I had many old time tutors. Cowboys, Ranchers, Miners and Farmers. all taught me a lot. I have stories for years, probably 3/4's of them are BS, LOL. highdesertranger

RE: Cook once eat twice. No cooler. - Spaceman Spiff - 08-12-2019

(08-12-2019, 03:02 PM)ORANGE Wrote:  That is amazing you know that.  How old ARE you?   Blush

HDR started the California gold rush  Tongue

RE: Cook once eat twice. No cooler. - RoamerRV428 - 08-12-2019

LOL didn't want to start a debate war on carbs and plant eating and all HAHA
do what you think obviously is best for you Smile I so get that

RE: Cook once eat twice. No cooler. - eDJ_ - 08-12-2019

I was at a McDonalds a week or so ago and saw a couple in a rough looking Van pull into the parking lot.  He got out and came in to place an order.  She had a small size cooler (lid tilts over to open it) that she emptied the water out of on the grass.   She brought it in and sit it in the booth.   

The guy brought the food to the the table and had a large white drink cup with the meal.  He made several trips to the fountain to fill the cup with ice and on returning to the booth began filling the cooler  with ice.  Once filled he returned and got a coke for their meal.  It looked like they had a piece of scrap insulating foam that sit in the top of the cooler.

Thus a $1 dollar drink provided them with all the ice they needed for a day or two.

The trick to keeping ice in a cooler is knowing just how much water to retain in the bottom.  A certain amount and the ice will keep longer.  

I think their cooler was one of those "Playmate" types which was red with the white fold over cover.