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Good and honest mechanics - tittiger - 08-11-2019

New vehicles are impossible for most of us to work on.
(What it really is, is another tax from the government that is designed to make us much less self sufficient - just like the current gasoline that can not, unlike gas 60 years ago, be stored for any length of time. )

When on the road a breakdown is one of my worst nightmares, with theft of my vehicle
perhaps my only worse fear.

I have had some very painful experiences with mechanics while on the road.  The last time was when my 99 Ford van with the
Triton motor was leaking oil through the timing chain cover, a mechanic in Springfield MO "fixed" it for a very large sum (the blue book repair time  was 10-15  hours I do believe)   I had to live in a homeless shelter for 4 days because it was winter.   Well to make a long story short. All of my  saved money was spent on this repair ($1200) and the thing started leaking a month later.

Now that I have settled in this area of MO,  I know some very honest and skilled mechanics and unless I travel again, I don't have an issue in finding a mechanic.

Angie's list though very sketchy in rural areas was one resource that I have considered.
Does anyone else have any suggestions?  I would also like to know the best way to ship a broken down vehicle back to my home base if it ever comes to that.  Not so much for the vehicle but so that I don't lose it's contents.

Could we all work together and come up with a FAQ of mechanics that do good work and are honest?
Or perhaps create a state based resource in this forum itself if there is demand.

Thanks for your time
Joe Tittiger - currently farming the rocks that we call soil here in Seymour MO.

** Not sure if this poll thing is going to work... bear with me. :-)

RE: Good and honest mechanics - Elbear1 - 08-11-2019

What we need are road mechanics. They're not going to be able to fix all things but can do plenty of stuff roadside. Id like to see a HOWA app that lets everyone who is vetted and a memeber know whos broke down and where and what they need. You'd pay for their gas and the part(s) and what you can. If you need a shop at least theyre there with you maybe can camp with you while repairs are done.

This would add a whole new level of security without busting budgets.

RE: Good and honest mechanics - WanderingRose - 08-11-2019

I have had an Angie’s list subscription since my husband died, and use it mostly for things at my sticks and bricks.

Good mechanics are not easy to find, and frequently we seem t do so thru trial and error.

I have found by accident a very good one, with 33 years at a private place at home, who can do routine service work on my rig, actually looks at everything when I ask him to, and charges a fraction of what the larger places do.

I’ve found another at a small place he owns, who can’t work on the engine, but can install things, recaulk the roof, etc.

I think the big difference is the lack of anonymity with the small, privately owned places. You have a person you see face to face doing your service, not an entity.

RE: Good and honest mechanics - bullfrog - 08-11-2019

Don't forget we already have a section for reviews which we can use, and a really great mechanical section. Maybe the caravans will eventually evolve into something that can help along these lines as well. Homes on Wheels is doing a great job of getting people started and now with the emergency fund probably will be needing volunteer mechanics to help make emergency repairs for those in need. Many here have answered when asked to tow, help transport or help with repairs when able. I'm just glad this site does as much as it does with the little it has and hope it continues to grow before those of us older mechanics are gone or unable physically to help.

RE: Good and honest mechanics - highdesertranger - 08-11-2019

yes we have a section for reviewing mechanics,


RE: Good and honest mechanics - MrNoodly - 08-11-2019

I ask the locals. And it has been by experience that small town mechanics have to be competent and honest in order to survive. The customer pool is too small to be ripping anyone off. They'd quickly run out of customers.