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Wikipedia climate data questionable? - badmotorscooter - 08-11-2019

I have lived in Sierra Vista AZ for a little over 7 years.   One of the reasons I choose to live here is because of the relatively mild climate year round.

I was researching climates in various New Mexico cities, specifically the average high and low winter temps and comparing them to Sierra Vista.  I noticed the average low temp for SV never fell below freezing, but also noticed the average daytime high in January was 61 f.

I happened to come across my old notes from 7 years ago and noticed the daytime average temp in January was 58 f, which coincided with my memory.

Wikipedia says it bases its average temps on 30 years of recorded data. The winter weather has been pretty consistant, though last winter was a bit cool.  

If I take the last 7 years and compute the temps at 70 f and add that to a 58 f average from the previous 23 years, the average temp comes out to 60 f.  No way in hell it was that warm in the last 7 years.

Math doesn't lie, so either the previous January daytime high of 58 f was incorrect, or the current one of 61 f is.
To keep it simple I didn't bother factoring in tenths of a degree, but that doesn't have any real impact on the results showing some kind of error/mistake or whatever the issue is.

Of course my memory and notes could be in error, but I'm pretty sure they are right.

RE: Wikipedia climate data questionable? - DLTooley - 08-11-2019

There is probably a source for actual monthly averages year by year.

If you are trying to undermine global warming science you’ll have to make a bit better case than that.

RE: Wikipedia climate data questionable? - badmotorscooter - 08-11-2019

Global warming has nothing to do with this!

According to Wiki the average temps and climate info are based on 30 years, not one season or year.

[email protected] - lenny flank - 08-11-2019

(08-11-2019, 03:40 PM)badmotorscooter Wrote:  Global warming has nothing to do with this!

Sadly, it does. The five warmest years on record were all in the past five years.

That pulled the average up.

RE: Wikipedia climate data questionable? - highdesertranger - 08-11-2019

ok no arguing. this topic can be as bad as politics. so watch what you post.

you only have a couple of degrees of difference. a lot of things can account for the differences. like does your thermometer jive with the one from the official weather station? did you measure the temperature in accordance with NOAA/NWS guidelines? where exactly was your temp taken and where is the official temp taken? this can make a huge difference.


RE: Wikipedia climate data questionable? - B and C - 08-11-2019

Sometimes they move the official measuring location too.

RE: Wikipedia climate data questionable? - wayne49 - 08-11-2019

Readings can come from different sources.
But is an average of  58 really that different from 61?
Call it about 60 and forget about it.

I use for their climate data graphs.

Sierra Vista ON AVERAGE doesn't go below 32 and doesn't go above mid 90s, so it is attractive. An average rainy (4") period late July early August.

One of the locations I had chosen to study last year for chasing perfect weather in AZ. Perfect for me in Sierra Vista would be April, May, and October. I look at both highs and lows.

RE: Wikipedia climate data questionable? - badmotorscooter - 08-11-2019

I didn't take any temps. Just using wikipedia's temps to show that if the average January high jumped to 70 f for the last 7 years it would not pull the previous 58 f to 61 f based on a 30 year average.

RE: Wikipedia climate data questionable? - Qxxx - 08-11-2019

BMS, either way be happy you chose SV rather than say Phoenix. SV is projected to get low-mid 90s this week while Phoenix is expected to hit 112F. And Quartzsite expected to hit 114F. From

RE: Wikipedia climate data questionable? - maki2 - 08-11-2019

you have forgotten one very essential fact.....Wikipedia is open to editing by anyone who chooses to do so. That data is not actually being presented by any real scientific authority that is related to an organization that tracks the weather. That means you could have a person posting it who has no clue how to do an actual average. Maybe the person who edited it flunked 7th grade math Smile

Of course EVERYTHING on Wikipedia is questionable...

If you don't think it is correct then make your own corrections to it