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Pages: 1 2 ip address cannot be found - B and C - 08-22-2019

I am getting the error that the sites ip address cannot be found.  There are a lot of forest service campsites and when I click on one to get more info, it has a link to the forest service website: 

Is anyone else getting this error or is it just me?

This has been happening for the past two days.

RE: ip address cannot be found - Kaylee - 08-22-2019

It works for me here (northern WI).
Regional outages are somewhat more likely than complete outages, so it'll probably clear up soonish (i.e. minutes to a few days).

Hmmm.... since you Made Me Look, I checked some DNS stuff, and to misquote Firefly, their mechanic isn't half awake. Sad
For example, their SPF record (part of an email anti-spoofing technology) is right on the cusp of a "PermError" which is as bad as that sounds.

More generally, here's an awesome (albeit very techie) cybersecurity site:
At the top left, there's a "Threat Level" indicator, which is an easy & reliable way to see if Bad Internet Stuff is being caused by Evil Scum.
It tends to discard the "normal" blips of background/continuous noise/bad-stuff.

RE: ip address cannot be found - highdesertranger - 08-22-2019

yeah it's working for me.

however I would like to point out that the Forest Service(FS) and the BLM have notoriously bad web sites that are full of dead links. it's very hard to save a link to something because most of the time when you come back to it in a month or 2 the link is dead.

I use both of them a lot and I have never seen such poorly run web sites. it is very frustrating at times.


RE: ip address cannot be found - B and C - 08-22-2019

Thanks for the updates. I can't even get to their homepage.

RE: ip address cannot be found - B and C - 08-22-2019

Really frustrating as I can't even get to their homepage. Hope it is just one of their local DNS servers out of whack. They probably can't afford the brightest and I would sure like to think that there are alarms going off somewhere.

RE: ip address cannot be found - Kaylee - 08-22-2019

Brian, have you tried an alternate DNS server?

RE: ip address cannot be found - B and C - 08-22-2019

Well dang Kaylee. I changed from get DNS automatically to Google's (I think) It now redirects me to I guess they are in the middle of changing the internet name?!?

RE: ip address cannot be found - Qxxx - 08-22-2019

Works fine for me too. Brian, if you have a specific NF or CG you're interested in, maybe we can get a direct link that will work for you.

Not sure what you are using, but many times when I'm on the road, my Android tablet browsers just will not work with the usual websites, as with my laptop.

You might also go to google maps, search on "camping", and try getting to the NF portals that way. It might work.,-83.8252993,10z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1scamping!3m4!1s0x0:0xab1cbfa150c1bf29!8m2!3d35.2881566!4d-83.6665535

RE: ip address cannot be found - B and C - 08-22-2019

Well, I guess it has to do with my local ISP's DNS servers. When I click on links that point to, they now work with the new DNS address added.

I think I'll just leave it with Google as it works.

Thanks for your help everyone. Sorry for the panic on my part. I thought this might affect us all.

RE: ip address cannot be found - Kaylee - 08-22-2019

Brian, it was a good question. Smile

Good choice choosing Google's DNS server - I should have recommended that!
I do hate them as a corporation, but their redundancy & infrastructure engineering team are generally better than any ISP.
Plus, is stunningly easy to remember & recognize. Smile

Many times I've been beating my head against some internet oddity, and switching my DNS server solves it.
In general, that's one of the net's Achilles' heel.
The main technical spam analysis I do uses tens of thousands of DNS lookups, and free wifi sometimes has wonkiness.

P.S. Like I keep saying, I'm not an Engine Kaylee (well proven!), I'm a Computer Kaylee. Wink